May 29, 2009

Really Useful Fabric Roll

More makings from Pip's book.  This one a gift for a lovely friend who I thought might like to learn how to crochet.  I teamed this with a little crochet manual that I found at my local op-shop.  A nice gift for a nice friend.  I might just learn with her... I've always wanted to.

I made small alterations to the pattern - just added a few more divisions in the centre for the crochet hooks. and also changed the side of the ribbon to the left hand flap. I used a vintage cotton print and a heavyweight blue cotton for the exterior.  Same colours as my super-cute tote.  Four down, 18 to go.


  1. Lovely roll, I am so taken with the blue flower print. Are you planing on checking out Darling Harbour craft fair in a few weeks?

  2. what do you mean by 'four down, 18 to go'?

  3. Brilliant job Gret, love the re-use of this material. Great gift idea.


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