May 5, 2009

Red Velvet Cake

Only this year I discovered Red Velvet Cake, thanks to browsing around some US baking blogs. For Shayne's birthday this year, I decided to make it, since it looked so delicious. I used the Red Velvet Cake recipe from Pinch my Salt since the photography over there was just SO impressive, and made me want to eat every picture! I even made the cream cheese frosting (divine!) and the multi-layer version of the cake. Yes, it took a while, but was not too difficult.  Mine did not turn out exactly like the picture, but yummy nonetheless!

We celebrated with the cake a few days earlier, seeing as Shayne's folks were down from Brisbane for the weekend. I don't know if you can see from these pictures, but the cake was VERY red inside. I cannot believe I actually put in MORE THAN an entire bottle of red food colouring! Oh, but it tasted good!

Probably, looking back the change I would made for next time would be to only just cook this cake. It is a double layer, and mine seemed a little dry (although that could also be my frustratingly hot oven).

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