October 19, 2011

65 years

My Grandma and Grandpa.  Married 19th October, 1946 and still going strong.

Esme Murphy and Alan Murray edited

Congratulations to you both, we love you!!

October 18, 2011

Toddler Apron

A thrifted pillow cover, an easy tutorial and a fantastic little apron for my three year old.
It's got a great little elastic neck and velcro attached waistband that allows her to put it on and off independently.  Great idea Meg.

I did have to adjust the length of the neck piece slightly, as it was a little long but that was no problem in the end.  I used this tutorial, but there's also another version of the same thing here with some cute embellishments.

And of course, it had to be pink - yes she chose the fabric.

Toddler Apron

Toddler Apron

October 12, 2011

More stash busting

Another basic little garment done and dusted yesterday - I wasn't up for any kind of pattern tracing or drafting or even tutorial reading, so I pretty much just winged it on this one.  Inspired by this lovely dress, I just had a crack, started cutting and it turned out OK.  Of course a few alterations were needed, but Miss 3 is loving it, and pranced around in it when she should have been getting ready for bed last night, so I guess that means it has a bright future for the summer.

Vintage seersucker dress edited

I'm so glad it's not a total screw up, as it's made with some precious vintage floral seersucker from Mum's place and some pink cotton I had in the stash (I think it was my Nanna's).  So this dress is special in more ways than one.

Vintage seersucker dress edited

October 11, 2011

Milkmaid skirt

I'm trying to make a few items for Ellie this summer - I'm the worst culprit for looking at expensive clothing in stores and saying "I could make that" but never doing it.  So this year, I'm trying to save a few dollars, start some seriously needed de-stashing and am sewing up a few skirts and dresses - maybe even a t-shirt or two.

Last week I completed this little number using the milkmaid skirt tutorial at Crafterhours.   My version was a bit bulky for my liking in the back, but fun and very cute nonetheless (loving the flat front and those little pockets!) and most importantly it suits my 3 year old's taste.  Phew.

Milkmaid Skirt

Milkmaid Skirt

This skirt is made with a small amount of leftover Daisy Chain - dandelion field by Amy Butler and some off white heavyweight cotton for binding.

October 7, 2011

Hello Spring

I'm loving springtime at the moment. Blue tongues, a tiny blue wren and his mate visit us daily.  We've been enjoying the outdoors, planting gardens for little people, and collecting bits and pieces for collages.  My budding florist enjoyed her collection today, and with a couple of pieces of contact has a special 'present' ready for Daddy when he gets home.


Toddler Collage

I'm feeling slowly like getting back into some making, but I'm still taking it easy and if you hadn't worked out already, I'm getting ready for another life change in January.  Time is flying very quickly this time round and with just over 14 weeks to go it's all getting a bit close!


So you might see me a bit more around here or you might not.  We'll see.

Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for sticking around here despite the long gaps between my posts.