May 6, 2009

Free Stuff I love: Baby Shoes

 Don't you just love tiny little feet?  Well, here are a few really cute little shoes you can make to fit them.  Again, heaps of free tutorials for these shoes out in blogland, but these are my favourites.  I am in love with little home-sewn shoes ever since I bought Pip's book and made Ellie her very first pair.

There are many, many tutorials for ones like I made from places like Stardust Shoes and On Pins and Needles

[image from On Pins and Needles]

[image from Stardust Shoes]

Martha Stewart has a tutorial for making these cute little felt booties that would make a lovely gift

[Image from Martha Stewart Crafts]

At the very top of my favourite list are these gorgeous little kimono baby slippers shared at Craft Gossip from homespun threads.  Aren't they just the sweetest thing? Check them out here.

[image via]

And finally, these sweet little LED firefly baby booties by Ana Pires and Joao Silva.  It's available via craftzine

[image via craftzine]

I was a bit late out of the blogging blocks today.  Sorry, It's Shayne's birthday and I have been busily crafting and sewing and wrapping gifts for him all day.  I will post a couple later on in the week for you to see.  Anyhow, I made it despite my little cling-on who has decided to cease sleeping through the night for some strange reason!  Anyway, Happy Wednesday everyone, and Happy Birthday Shayne!! o x


  1. They are all gorgeous. Congrats on making a pair yourself. Hope you enjoy the birthday celebrations.

  2. Well god love ya Gretel for putting all all that together! I am about to make good use of your pin cushion assortment - and link to it in my blog ;)

  3. LOOOOVE the first and 4th pair.

  4. I adore them all but my fav is the top pair


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