August 31, 2009

Love this vintage...

French sweet bonbons tin from pamelapopo. Shame I'm not Nathalie or it might be mine.

I'm really exhausted, finally getting over this terrible virus, and finally back at work. It feels like I never left the place, which is a pretty good thing in most respects. My little munchkin was so tired tonight she fell asleep on the way to the bedroom...I hope it gets easier on both of us.

August 28, 2009

A little Red Ribbon on Lovely Clusters

Morning all. Exciting News!

Some of my handmade items are now featured on this lovely site above. Have you seen or heard of it? It's a beautiful collection of lovely things put together in colour and category clusters, curated by talented Rachel Follett (of Lovely clusters blog) and Vicki Dvorak (of Simply Hue). They are clever girls, and have developed a beautiful place to shop where you are guaranteed to find sweet things. My things are there, as well as some of my favourite sellers such as Oh Hello Friend, Namolio and White Owl. Thank you girls for including me! I am honoured.

Head over to Lovely Clusters and have a look at some lovely stuff!

August 27, 2009

Slowly on the mend

I'm slowly on the mend (I think). Still not well enough for work today (can't believe I'm taking sick leave on my SECOND day of work!!!!), but the little one is a bit more herself. We are watching Playschool at the moment, and for international readers who don't know what that is, it's like the best children's TV show you've ever seen - yes, I believe better than Sesame Street!! So wonderful to know my little girl is growing up watching the same wonderful programs as I did. She is chewing on a rusk, toddling from the lounge to the TV, dancing and humming to the music. She must be getting better.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you to go here and check out Betz White's latest post. She is such a clever girl. If you want to repurpose something boring and old into something wonderful, then here is a great project.

See you soon. I am going to rest.

(ps. thanks so much for all your get well wishes yesterday).

August 26, 2009


Hi Everyone. I am unwell today and too sick to post a full "free stuff I love" so I hope you can understand that and I will see you all as soon as I'm better. I am also contending with a sick bubba (still) so here's hoping for a better week next week!

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Gretel x

August 25, 2009

Stitches and Craft Show

So, after all that waiting the Sydney Stitches and Craft show came and went. I had a great day out with family Yana, Ros and our Mum's. That's me on the right in the top photo with Yana, and that's Ros with the ever-lovely Ink & Spindle girls (I was behind the camera).

The incubator section was fantastic. Loads of inspiration and encouragement to follow your dreams, that's for sure. A few of us caught up with crafty acquaintances who were holding stalls, and a great day was had by all. We even learned how to upholster an old chair from scratch!

"So, what did you buy?", you ask. Have a look down below!

Fabric-wise, I picked up a few fabric panels from Ink & Spindle, a cute little screen print of a washing line that I couldn't resist from The Red Thread and a fabric remnant from Cloth - a new label to me.
And my favourite purchase of all was a bias tape maker from Nicole Mallalieu Design. Yep, I'm easy to please and oh how much easier my life has been since! This is the most amazing little gadget and I've been after one for AGES. I think I've cut down my bag-handle making by about 90%!!! No I love making binding instead of hating it and I'm so relieved.
So there you have it Stitches and Craft 2009 was a success.

August 24, 2009

Love these vintage...


[image via craft gossip]

I just heard via craft gossip that until Tuesday, you can access the entire database of vintage patterns at the Commercial Pattern Archive. Click on the one week free trial bar for details on how to access the database. YAY! Check out the embroidery ones. Pretty.

I posted this last night and scheduled it for this morning because as you read it I'm probably already headed back in the car to work....back after 13 months is tough. And Ellie's first long day in care. But we will get there, and now it's time to switch off the brain from craft and think about hand therapy (I'm a hand therapist at a very large hospital in Sydney for those of you who didn't know). Have a lovely day all. :o)

August 21, 2009

The postie has been good to me

This week, Mr Postman has been good to me. A lovely bulk shipment of linen arrived at my door yesterday (feast your eyes on that Ros and Yana!!! You can touch tomorrow.) I have been searching for a good deal on linen for months now without success. But we thought we'd try and give this shop a go, where buying in bulk, together (as the cost of the shipping is enormous) was our best bet.
Aren't they pretty?
( vintage spool included just because it's nice to look at)
For us, it worked out to be about $13/m AUD for a variety of linens, which realistically is cheaper than we would find anywhere else in this country (am I right Aussies? Yes, feel sorry for us everyone else).

And he also delivered my two birthday books!! Yay! Even if I never make anything, they are wonderful to read and inspire and such beautiful eye candy. But I do hope that one day I will have some time to make some of the cute ideas in here.

Anyhow, off to make use of my quiet time before it's over....I can't believe she's into her second sleep cycle. It's been a while since she's done that during the day. Ciao! xo

August 20, 2009


I have an etsy store!!!!!!! Hooray, I did it (finally, I know.)

And good grief it took a long time to list the items that are so far for sale! But I managed, and took the opportunity with Day 2 of Ellie's Childcare today. It was a great way to take my mind off her, but boy it took a long time to take all the photos, downsize them, and list every little thing!

So now, I'd like to invite you to visit my little store, it would be so lovely to have you stop by. You will find it right here, or you can click on any item in the sidebar link.

As you know, I love to repurpose vintage doilies and linens into new items using natural fibres, especially linen! So, if you love those too, then you might find something you like.

I REALLY must thank all of you who encouraged me along the way, and gave me invaluable advice and support (yes, that's you my lovely husband, Jo, Ros, Yana, Kate, Cat, Coll, Deanie, Karen and of course all of you lovely friends, family and bloggers who have given me so many lovely comments)

If by some chance you have no idea what etsy is, or you'd like to purchase something and don't know how, I take great delight in introducing you both! You can join etsy, which is an online marketplace for handmade, vintage and supplies right here. Feel free to say I referred you (my username is alittleredribbon) and enjoy your shopping!

August 19, 2009

Free Stuff I love: Origami

Origami is cool. I don't know when and where I'd find the time right now, but I would LOVE to have a go at these someday soon.

Don't you think they're cool too?

[image by origamisan]

Learn how to make this Origami miniature album here. I have someone in mind who would love this.

Find out how how to fold a Japanese Paper Ball here

Find out how to make an Origami Koi here (that's if you can keep up with it!)

[image by how about orange]

Here's a lovely origami Lotus. Instructions here.

Or these cute little origami hummingbirds here.

If that isn't enough, here is a great 3D animation of how to fold a paper crane right here.

Happy folding! :o)

August 18, 2009

Tuesday pretties

Here are some pretty pictures for your Tuesday viewing (or Monday evening if you are reading this on time up North somewhere!). We celebrated Ellie's First Birthday on Sunday and as usual, I over-committed myself to doing things I really didn't have time to do, but all went very well in the end. My Birthday Bunting came out nicely and I was SO impressed by the effectiveness of Martha Stewart's Pom Poms. So great for a party and very very easy. I am so doing them again.

Colours of the day you can see for yourself: Pink, Orange, Yellow (plus a splash of green/blue here and there).

It was fun.

I thought these carnations looked like mini pom poms, so they made an appearance as well.

I hung the pom poms from the ceiling lights and made some small and some large sized.

Yeah, alot of pom pom pictures there I know, but I loved them so much I couldn't help myself (and neither could she! Her very first taste of chocolate fudge cake).

August 17, 2009

Love this vintage...lace

Gorgeous vintage lace necklace from White Owl. Love it.

Sitting at home this morning in the not so peaceful quiet thinking every few moments about how my little girl is doing on Day 1 of Day Care. Next Monday I'm returning to work, so I should be making the most of 2 free days this week, but it is so so hard to focus on anything. I think I should sew. Yes, I should sew. That will help.

August 14, 2009

My creative Space

I'm tired. And busy. So the poor old creative space has not been visited this week until today. I am madly cutting out triangles for a birthday banner for Ellie's family birthday party on Sunday. I still haven't quite decided on a cake, but I'm leaning towards oranges, and yellows. Here are the fabrics I've chosen (some new, some vintage, some re-purposed), soon to be sewn up following a tutorial by Grace Designs.

And here is my little artwork wall that is half finished. I intend on putting up many more little bits and pieces. You'll probably recognise the work of Jennifer Ramos in the middle, the left vintage tapestry I bought at Rozelle markets for $1 and I made the framed doily piece with some of my leftover bridesmaid silk. Don't know that I really like it yet, but It will do for balance until I have a few more things up there.

More creative spaces to browse here. Have a nice weekend everyone.

August 13, 2009

Someone Buy Me...

Some health for my poor child. Latest news flash is she now has tonsilitis and can't start the day at childcare. What an anticlimax! And I feel so bad that she is sick. Oh well. We are on antibiotics now to clear up the throat, so here's hoping she is better by Monday, or our practise days will be gone.

Poor chicken.


August 12, 2009

Free Stuff I love: Knitted hats

Note to self: Must practise knitting and get good enough to make these gorgeous free patterns!!

Beehive Beanie and Pea Green Hat from Two and Six

Child's Beanie from Finnish Magazine Ulla [via whip up]

Beautiful Hat pattern by Kalurah on Ravelry [via whip up]

<span class=

Button tab hat pattern from I like Lemons (how cute!!)

button-tab hats

[all images from linked original sources]

August 11, 2009


Thursday. To say I'm a little anxious is probably an understatement. While I come from a long line of unnecessary worriers and control freaks, I am genuinely dreading the day I must leave my baby girl in the hands of another. I've had nearly a whole year of nothing but parenting and despite it's challenges, I am really not ready to give it up.

I thought I would be much stronger and assured than I feel right now (that's the power of denial for you), but the fear of what she will think when she needs me and realises I'm not there is starting to get the better of me. Not helping the situation is that she is now cutting 4 top teeth, and is still getting over a head cold. She has been SUPER-clingy the last week, like she knows we are about to be separated and I can't bear the thought of letting her fend for herself. :o(

On a positive note, she is a happy and social child, and really does get bored just sitting around with me all day. She always perks up when she sees people, so here's hoping (and praying) that she loves every minute. I'm returning to work 2 days a week from the 24th, so we will have three "practise" days before I start. But it still breaks my heart that she has no idea about how big a change is coming for her in two days time...

August 10, 2009

Love this vintage...Brooch

LOVE this vintage brooch with pop-out earrings shared at Grace Designs last week. I want one! I'm making some brooch/pincushions for my soon to open etsy store, and I'd love something like this to grace the photo! Gorgeous. (Loving the latest flowers from Ros as well!). See more here.

[image: Grace Designs]

August 8, 2009

Mr Postman Delivery

So sorry I just disappeared this week everyone. I suddenly lost my Internet and telephone connection and it has taken some time to get back on board. Not all problems fixed yet, but at least I can make a post!
Here's something that came in the mail this week...
A cute little box. What could be inside?
A whole bunch of neatly packaged white cards!

Yes, that's right! My business cards! I'm very excited, and a little red ribbon will soon be coming to an etsy store near you. Stay tuned :o)

August 5, 2009

Free Stuff I love: Pillow Tutorials

Nothing like a good pillow. You can cuddle them, lie on them, fight with them and jump on them. They also look great too!

Here are some pillow tutes I think are cool, and that perhaps that you might like to try:

Yoyo Pillow at design*sponge ( I love this one!)

Meditation Pillow at Craftzine

Medpillow Main

How cute is this little child's travel pillow from Maya Made?

Learn how to make a bolster pillow cover at Christine Sews

Bolster Pillow Cover Tutorial

Scared of zippers? House on Hill Road has a great tutorial for inserting one into a pillow. Enjoy!

August 4, 2009

Something old, something new....

I made this purse yesterday. It's so tiny, but tiny can be good, right?. I recently bought a bunch of little square purse frames that are about 3 inches wide (didn't realise how little until I got them!) but they are really growing on me.

This one is made of fresh linen and vintage crochet, with the same vintage lining as my recent tote bag. Working with frames this small is really tricky, especially when sewing the purse, turning it out, and attaching the frame (I guess that's pretty much the whole thing). But it's all worth it when it works!

This is my first attempt at drafting my own pattern for a purse based on it's frame. There are lots of mistakes, but I'm learning about being careful and accurate and PATIENT. If you don't know me, this is not one of my virtues when making things... I prefer it to be quick and easy, yet perfect at the same time, and when I spend a long time on it, It had better work. When it doesnt work I get disheartened.

This little tiny thing is for a lovely friend who is getting married in a few weeks. I wanted her to have something for her, not just "for the house" as tends to be the wedding gift norm. The house might still get a gift, but this one is just for her. It fits 3 of four criteria....old, new, and blue. Don't know how I'd get borrowed into a bag...

That's about it for tiny purses today. Exciting mail came yesterday too....will post about that a little later in the week. Bye! x

August 3, 2009

Love this vintage chair

[via decor8]

Love this vintage bedroom chair restored and covered in a cable knit by Melanie Porter. Bet it would cost a fortune. But I love it just the same. I could cosy up and read in it right now. Mmmmm. That's something I rarely get to do these days and I miss it so much.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine went way too fast. I'm off to orientation today at Childcare with Ellie....Yes, the dreaded return to work is not too far away... can't bear the thought of it really, but here's hoping she enjoys every minute.