July 30, 2010

My creative space.

Oops.  A little late with my creative space this week.  Better late than never.

I've been busy.  Busy cutting, cutting, cutting and more cutting, sewing a little, pressing, measuring, pinning and wrapping brown paper packages. Alongside that and normal life stuff I also rolled out another birthday too.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks creative spaces.  I'm off to check some more out now!

July 28, 2010

Etsy treasury

How lovely, Oh Buckets on etsy has included my linen coin purse with vintage embroidery in this lovely treasury.  Isn't it pretty?  Such a sweet and happy collection.  I love it and thank you! 

To see this pretty treasury up close, click here.

July 27, 2010

Now for a name...

A name is what I need for this soft red friend made for a special little someone who has joined our world recently.   Certainly not as cute as the recipient.   The pattern is from this book, which I think is a great resource to have on hand for last minute, quick and simple gifts.  It's one of those books that has easy things to make that will actually be useful!  Any name suggestions?

July 26, 2010

Love this vintage...

French Musical Powder tin. This kind of treasure just doesn't appear in my neck of the woods.  Thank goodness for etsy.

musical powder tin


July 21, 2010

Shop is open!

Finally.  I've been away for far too long with life stuff and other things, but finally I was able to get a few things in shop.  Hope you like them!  I have some coin purses in store now, which have been improved slightly with some more padding for a nice cushiony feel.

I'm now giving free shipping on coin purses to Australian residents too.

And here's something fun just because I was playing around with etsy shop tools and wanted to see what it could do! Click the bottom right hand corner to turn the pages or use the slideshow function at the bottom.

Now, off to sew while the youngster sleeps....

July 20, 2010

Some exciting news....

Some really exciting news that I've been holding on to for a little while, partly because I wanted it to be a surprise and partly because I was a little nervous about what you'd all think (don't ask me why, I don't know).   But the news is that a little red ribbon will be featuring in this beautiful new publication called Handmade Living!  I'm so excited to be a small part of this great project, featuring so many talented people and their beautiful work.    Tania, Julie and Tina have done a great job so far.

So, what will be inside?  You'll have to sit tight I'm afraid!  Handmade Living is due out in December 2010.  I can't wait!

Edit:  One thing I did forget to mention - you can pre-order a copy of this beautiful publication right here!  

July 19, 2010

Love this vintage...

1960's bead made into a lovely ring.   Now there's an idea.  Loving Down and out Chic's cute shop!

Pink and Gold Vintage Zig-Zag Cocktail Ring

July 16, 2010


How gorgeous are these little cuties!!  I just spotted them via the etsy front page.  LOVE these colours and of course their sweet personalities...

Amelia Anemone - The Sleepy Woodland Bunny Plush - Ready to Ship

Sleepy Red Forest Fox Plush - Made to order

Featured in STUFFED magazine - Honey - The Blushing Forest Kitty Plush - Made to order

Check out these lovely softies at Sleepy King on etsy and don't forget to have a lovely weekend.

G  :)

July 15, 2010

My creative space...

Finished!  I finally got it done - my first ever quilt, and now my child won't be cold this winter :)

Many MANY lessons learned in this one, and I would hate for you to see it very close up but wow, making quilts is addictive! (as is the feeing of victory when you successfully complete unfinished projects that sit in the cupboard for months on end).

Have a great time browsing more of this week's creative spaces at Kirsty's.  Do show us all what you're up to and join in!

July 13, 2010


I gifted this little purse to a friend for her birthday last weekend.   She's one of my loveliest and sweetest friends, and therefore very worth the effort.  I think she liked it.  It matches the tote I made her last year.

It's a grey and rainy day here in Sydney.  Unfortunately I left the dolls pram outside and didn't see it was drizzling....now I'm going to have to explain to Mother Eleanor why "Baby Ralph and Baby Piper" (AKA soft toy dog and rabbit) cannot have a ride this afternoon.  Wish me luck. :)

G :)

July 12, 2010

Love this vintage...

1940's hand tooled leather clutch. Lovely and found right here.  I think this baby would make my head cold feel a lot better, don't you?

40s Hand Tooled Clutch. Oversize. Floral. Crescent.


July 8, 2010

My creative space

Making tiny hair clips of late for my sweet one using vintage woven ribbon.  I used this REALLY easy tutorial over at The Long Thread.  Seriously, try it, it's so quick and easy peasy.

Hope you're having fun clicking through MCS!  I know I am!

July 6, 2010

Love this vintage...

Linens and wallpapers from Lemon Blooms.  Such beautiful fresh colour, and just what I need today.

Yummy Vintage Fabrics (half yard bundle) -- Sunshine Collection

SALE -- Birds in Paradise -- Vintage Wallpaper

Vintage Lemon Yellow Lace Fabric

I hope this week is being kind to you!

July 4, 2010


What is it about handmade binding that makes me want to eat it? Perfectly pressed in pretty colours.


July 1, 2010

My creative Space.

Three coffee cup cozy's for three lovely grown up birthday girls.  Finished in the late hours of last night (why I do this to myself I don't know!!) using Erin's cute tutorial.  Fun, quick to make and an easy and recommended last minute gift!  I teamed them with some hand stamped gift tags.

It's nice being back at MCS.  Have a lovely Thursday.