May 19, 2009

Fair Trade Fair 2009

What a weekend of markets it's been.  Right up my alley.  As mentioned last week I attended the Fair Trade Fair at our church and came home with some lovely handmade goodies....  

How cute are these handmade Peruvian little finger puppets from Ethica Accessories?  I purchased a pig, a lion and a Kookaburra for Ellie.  She adores them and keeps throwing them around and picking them up and throwing them down.  She is rather fond of the pig....he stayed with her all afternoon today.
I also bought a few other things - a nice handmade leather jewellery box, a pack of cross stitched notecards and a beautiful hand-knitted dark green alpaca wool scarf (some for presents, but the scarf is for me!).  

As i'm just about finished Ellie's quilt, I bought this pillow cover to match the pink and red.  It's sewn by hand and is so unique and beautiful.  Just the thought that someone put so much time into it makes all the difference.  Below are some of the numerous stalls we attended.  Please consider supporting their businesses as it means our fellow crafters around the world get a fair deal.  Links to websites are below the images, so check them out!
Ethica Accessories have the most beautifully knitted alpaca wool products from Peru.  SO soft!

Chocolate Tasting Table (Green & Blacks, Cocolo) It was very good.

Nerada Tea Sampling Table.  I'd never had white tea and it's actually very nice.
Global Conduct have so many lovely things I didn't know where to start!

Tribes and Nations - the cutest little mix of toys, coffee, bags and other lovely things

Rise Up have lovely Organic and Fair Trade Cottons/cottton products - perfect for all the sewers and fabric printers out there!

So there you have it, please support Fair Trade and remember to look out for these symbols:


  1. Nice one Gretel. Where are these markets held? 'Cause you know, one can never attend too many markets. And after all it would be for a good cause ;)

  2. These ones are only held once a year during fair trade fortnight, unfortunately, but most of the stall holders sell at various places and online I think.

  3. looks very cool ... loving the little finger puppets


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