May 9, 2009

A birthday scarf

I made my Mr a quick and easy scarf for his birthday this year as it's getting chilly in my neck of the woods and heading into winter.  Now, for my man, apart from a few exceptions, there are always a some general conditions he applies to most things he wears or carries.  They are:

1.  It must be classic and not too 'fancy'
2. It must be a plain, dark colour.
3. It must NOT be too bulky or wide
4. It must be comfortable and not "scratchy"

And my own conditions were:

1. It must be quick to make
2. It must be easy to make
3. It must actually keep him warm.

So, this is what I came up with.  It took about a half hour.  A basic charcoal grey scarf to keep him warm on the train station early in the morning during the winter months.  It didn't look too bad, and I think he likes it. If anyone wants to know how I did it, let me know and I'll tell you.  It was very basic and a nice "stocking filler" if you can have those on your birthday :o)


  1. Ohhh how lovely! I must make a few of these for my man...moving to Melb in July so they WILL come in handy! Would love a tutorial ;)

  2. good work! looks soft & cosy!! :)


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