November 29, 2011

48 hours

That's what I've got before the 1st of December. I promised myself an advent calendar this year and we're going to have it somehow. I know I can, I know I can...I think I can....Sort of wishing I'd opted for a quicker idea such as this lovely calendar by Ros. Oh well, too late now! I'm sewing my little heart away in the hope that this will last me many years to come.

Today I'm working hard to make headway and get this thing nearly finished. I'm covering some wooden pegs (about $1.50 for 50 at my supermarket) with some pretty Christmas wrap that I picked up at IKEA on the weekend. Oh so easy. All you need is double sided tape and a pair of scissors.

I'll be sure to post the finished product, possibly a day or so late...we'll see.

November 22, 2011

Love this vintage...

Gorgeous vintage fabric turned into a beautiful 1950's inspired tea dress from soho mode on etsy.  Great design, great colour. 


November 18, 2011

Liberty mug rugs

Christmas project No 1 complete!  Yes Sirree, this is a record for me I think.  Yesterday I came home from work early to pick up my sick youngster from preschool, and while she slept I finished these little gifts for friends.

Liberty mug rugs

Liberty mug rugs

I used this tutorial, with some minor modifications (primarily adding some interfacing to the liberty first), and am very happy with the result.  A great way to use up some tiny pieces of special fabrics - you know those scraps you just can't bear to part with?  Mega quick.  Mega easy.  This one's a winner in my book.

November 12, 2011

An early start

I can't believe it.  I'm starting Christmas sewing in November - something quite unheard of for me. Perhaps it's got something to do with that mild feeling of panic that not everything will be done before B2 arrives in January, who knows.  What I do know is that I have the urge to make just a few things - easy things well before they are due.  Today I pulled out the largely unused Liberty sample pack I had stashed and started cutting - it was so so satisfying gazing at and dividing up those beautiful yet small jewels of fabric.  

Liberty & Linen

Otherwise this weekend has been much better than the last, with two grown ups to one three year old it's nearly a fair game.  Hope your weekend is just as nice. 

November 6, 2011

Weekend solo

It hasn't been the smoothest of weekends this time, with my other half away interstate, and a late teething and sick 3 year old sapping what's left of the 30 week energy levels as she fights me at every turn. Despite all this we did have a lovely morning, with a friend visiting and home made pancakes on the menu. It was a little breather in a rather exhausting weekend and yum too.

Now to back it all up with a trip to the airport and the working week starting tomorrow, preschool and life as normal. Only 5 more weeks of work left....not counting at all!