April 25, 2009

Super-cute Tote

Another project that was completed last weekend while I was at the beach (thank you so much Yana for bringing your machine, and Mum for being such an awesome babysitter!!!)

This was my practise run of the 'Super-Cute Tote' by Jennie McClelland in Pip Lincoln's Meet me at Mikes book. I thought it was a cute little bag and I have some lovely Vintage Irish Linen I would love to make another in, but I did want a trial run first. So, I made the external bag out of a heavyweight blue cotton from my stash, and the lining and bag top are my Grandma's very old curtains that were headed for the rubbish (anyone of you family recognise them from the second room?) She was sure that they would fall apart, but the material was fine (except when I tried to unpick something) and now the curtains are a bag!

The only thing I noticed was that the lining pattern piece seemed to be slightly large for the bag top. I thought I was pretty careful with cutting and seam allowance, but it seemed about 2cm too big when I went to sew it on. Anyhow, it could have been me, so I worked through it, and modified slightly, and now I have this cute little tote to give to someone. It's going to a good home soon.

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  1. Me again...I am in the middle of doing this tote and am having a few issssues! Was there a separate pattern piece for the outer bag? I only seem to have the handle, top and lining. I'm not sure if I have made my pleats to large because the opening is really narrow and when I went to stuff the lining in it was way to big. Back to the drawing board...I am going to re-cut and maybe forget about the pleats?!?


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