May 26, 2009

Yoga Pants for Happy Babies

A little more sewing done last week. This time some winter pants for Miss E using Shannon's pattern in Meet me at Mikes.  I decided to use some red and grey corduroy instead of lightweight cotton, for warmth of course.  The red I found in my mother's stash last week - it was used when I was a little I had to make something from the leftover fabric.  Grey was first but they were way too big for my petite little girl, so I downsized the pattern and the red fits pretty well.


  1. So cute! My little man is 15 months...would the pattern be a good fit for him? Love the red cord...very sweet. Oh and BTW: got the pattern piece for the super cute tote!

  2. Thanks Gret! Can't wait to see your cow!


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