October 23, 2012


Clothtopus complete and off to his new home shortly.  This is such a delightful pattern from Fiona's book (love!) and a great scrap buster.


I used a range of handprinted fabrics, quilting cottons and linen (some Yardage Design, Publisher Textiles and Lotta in there).  Fun to sew, a little fiddly to close - I hope he holds up.

We wouldn't mind if he stayed really, but he has little arms waiting, so off he goes.



October 14, 2012

Kids Clothes Week Challenge :: Pillowcase dress

I just scraped in for day 7 of kcwc with this quick and easy 30 minute project.  The sewing is getting easier as the week progresses, have you noticed?   I'm getting lazier and more time poor ;)  Details below!

Pillow case dress - kcwc Oct 12

The pattern: Basic pillowcase dress (no pattern).  I just guessed the width and length.  Probably a touch too large for her at the moment, but this child seems to grow as fast as I can sew for her, so not too worried about that.  Pillowcase dress tutorials are everywhere online if you're not sure how to do it.

The fabric:  Thrifted pillowcase - $1.  Not real happy with the fabric now that I've made it.  It's got some polyester in it so not as natural and comfortable as I would have liked.  I broke my rule about always using natural fabrics, and definitely regretted it.   It also seems a little see-through so it might just be a dress for playing in at home.  I might need to add some lining at some point (if I can be bothered!).  Cute print though, yes?

The sewing:  Nothing to it.  30 mins from start to photograph. Yay! 

Pillow case dress - kcwc Oct 12

Well I think that's it for kcwc for me this time round.  I've run out of puff and days, but perhaps I'll be better organised next time and might plan ahead a little more.  Did you sew along too?  I hope you enjoyed it, I certainly did.

Pillow case dress - kcwc Oct 12

Pillow case dress - kcwc Oct 12

[She loves a silly photo this one]

October 13, 2012

Kids Clothes Week Challenge :: shirt dress

Well I got something else done.  Very pleasing given we've been on 'Operation sleep through the night' with V for the last week.  Read tired.  Very tired.

But here's my very first refashion. Mens knit t-shirt to kid dress.

Shirt dress - kcwc Oct 12

The pattern:  Flashback skinny tee by Rae Hoekstra (nice!) but increased in length of course for the dress.  I highly recommend measuring your child and adjusting the pattern as instructed by Rae.  It was worth the extra 30 mins it took me to work it out.

The fabric:  Thrifted Men's tee  - $2.

The sewing:  Easy peasy!  Super Quick.  No hemming or binding.  Fantastic.  Only I think my rosette is wonky and bulky so I think I need to take a few lessons from Ros.  I hope it makes it through a wash.

Shirt dress - kcwc Oct 12

Shirt dress - kcwc Oct 12

And she loves it.  Bonus.

More KCWC inspiration right here (seriously fantastic).

October 11, 2012

Kids Clothes Week Challenge: Tiered Skirt.

I did it.  I got an item of clothing completed for Kids Clothes week!!  Hurrah!  It's only day 4 so I'm a bit slow but still some time to have a crack at something else too.  Details are below (I'm using Meg's summary idea)

Tiered skirt - kcwc Oct 12

The pattern:  Tiered skirt from Happy Homemade Kids Volume 2 (Oh how I love that this book is available in English now! Available in these online stores for those interested)

The fabric:  Some of my leftover Sea Island Cotton Lawn (from the Tova fail) that I picked up on sale for very cheap.

The sewing:  I've come to the realisation that I'm really not a fan of sewing gathers.  I don't like fiddle - pin - fiddle - pin - repeat.  But all in all it came together for a nice floaty twirly skirt.  Didn't take too long. Super quick to cut out.

Tiered Skirt - kcwc Oct 12

Tiered Skirt - kcwc Oct 12

Tiered Skirt - kcwc Oct 12

October 8, 2012

Operation clothtopus.

A little bit of sewing for a brand new little boy has been going on this weekend.  I'm attempting Fiona's gorgeous clothtopus from this book (it's just the most delightful book, I promise).  He's just about finished - just a little bit of closure sewing and some embroidery and my eight tentacled friend will be done.  Miss 4 has affectionately named him "Sammy" and  I've been trying to break the news to her all weekend that he's not going to be staying at our place for long.

Clothtopus progress

I'm also seriously considering having a crack at joining in with Kids Clothes Week Challenge over at Elsie Marley.  I've always been a bit scared to do it before, but I'm feeling pretty keen for the challenge this time round.  I don't think I'll be able to get much done, but just one item and I'd be happy!  What do you think?  Are you joining?