May 20, 2009

Free Stuff I love: Bloggers with lovely printables

Here are some of my favourite bloggers who regularly post lovely free printables.  They have pretty and useful labels, cards, artwork, and calendars for free!  Check out these lovely blogs and have a good click around to see what you can find!  Also worth adding these guys to your reader if they take your fancy.

Lets start with my favourite at the moment - Lollychops.  Just have a look at how many free downloadable cuties there are at this place.  Foodie stuff, paper, calendar, recipe cards, cards and tags...if you love stationary, visit right here.

A Print a Day - from the creator of parasol magazine, your daily dose of cute artwork and prints, along with regular freebies to download.

The downloads from The Blah Blah Blahg and invited guests are so sweet!  And there are heaps to browse through.

Decor8 has some lovely printable labels among many other lovely things..

Poppytalk also has lots of great labels and printable art

Blog Kind Over Matter has lots of cute things like these printable fortune cookies - all  positivity and kindess!!

Artist Lisa Rupp shares a monthly printable calendar for her readers
Enjoy this week's browsing....see you again soon. xo

  [all images from linked original sources]

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  1. Gee how did I miss this post! Gorgeous finds Gret x


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