December 18, 2009

And that's all we've got time for...

Out today looking for a Kris Kringle gift for work was a little stressful.  Firstly, I woke up with a head cold.  Second, when we'd been at the shops for about a half hour I realised Ellie was not holding her most precious  (read "No.1, she sleeps with him") toy.  Murray the puppy.  I presumed he had been thrown over the edge of the pram somewhere along the way.  She was oblivious to the loss, but we could not lose him and I was a wreck trying to retrace my steps and find him, leaving my name at various shops and desperately reporting lost property to the concierge.

After some time searching around what is arguably the largest shopping complex in the Southern Hemisphere, Murray was found.  A random kind stranger had found him on the ground and left him on a fence post for us.  Murray is now back with his loving owner, and her Mother is a little worse for wear.  Never again is Murray joining us on a trip to the shopping mall.

After that horrible ordeal, we went and had 2 stiff drinks - Ellie some boiled water, and me a large capuccino.  Then off to Kringle shop again, where I came across this lovely mug.  Now, I really hate buying mugs as Kringles - such a typical, boring gift, but I couldn't go past the sweet design from Marie Claire:

I thought I'd spruce it up a little by making a coin purse to match, which I did whilst my small companion was sleeping.  Do you think it works as a gift?  I hope not too predictable, and well liked by it's recipient.

Well, that's all we've got time for on this year's postings.  It's time for a little break - I'll see you here again sometime in January 2010 (yikes, 2010!!).  Not sure when, but I'll be here soon.  Thanks to you all so much for being such a supportive and encouraging bunch in my very first year of blogging.  I appreciate every one of you and can't thank you enough.

I pray you all have a fantastic, relaxing and enjoyable Christmas and New Year with your loved ones as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.


December 17, 2009

Mister Maker

Mister Maker is a pretty cool TV show.  Preschooler crafts galore and how to make them.  That's it.  Nothing but making.

Is Mr Maker playing where you live?  If not you can get it on DVD.   At the moment, it's on in Sydney here on ABC2 at 2:40pm each day.   Here's the website with DVD info too!

December 16, 2009

Free Stuff I love: Summer

There are hundreds of Christmasy kinds of free tutorials making their way around the blogosphere right now, and for that reason I thought I didn't really need to add to it.

SO, this being my last "Free Stuff I love" post of the year, I thought I'd get you set up for summer holidays.  Sorry if you live up North where it's cold.  If you do, just tuck these away for a while and before you know it, you'll be wanting to make them!

I've really enjoyed this little segment of my blog, although it is lots of work to put together posts like this every week.  I'm yet to decide whether or not I'll be doing 'free stuff' again next year, I need to think about it a bit more, but if not, I will most definitely still be here, just blogging about other stuff, thats all

Enough chit chat!  Here are some lovely free projects for you to enjoy over the holidays....

Cute summer slippers at Lady Harvatine


Summer picnic blanket at Sew Mama Sew

A gorgeous bag from vintage tablecloth by one of my all-time favourite bloggers Rubyellen of Cakies for Free people.

If you're feeling confident, a child's tent at Sew Mama Sew!

I LOVE this!  A very cool crochet summer sling tote.  Get it at ravelry here.

Can't go past this gorgeous baby sun hat at Purl.

That should do it for now!  Enjoy everyone, and I will be back soon for a couple of final posts for the year.

G xx

[all images from linked original sources]

December 14, 2009

Love this vintage...

Love this vintage pair of baby shoe lasts. They are so sweet!!

Vintage Pair of Baby Shoe Lasts
[image: +]

From Nana's Trunk on etsy.

December 10, 2009

My Creative Space.

Well, to be honest, it's really her creative space.

Christmas tree has now gone up, and Ellie happily and excitedly helped me do it.  Trying to be so helpful she pulled balls off one by one, as I placed them on the tree.  Such sweet intention I had to let it go as I have the  daily redecoration because I can't help but love the joy on that small face as she sees it every morning.

Here is one of my favourite tree decorations.  I bought them a few years back and have been slowly collecting all of the twelve days of Christmas - she is a  'piper piping' (is that no.7?? I can never remember).  I love her. Unfortunately they're not being made anymore....:o(

And here is Ellie's very own and very important creative space.  A self-decorative work that she was quite proud of (and didn't want me to come near mind you!).

Hope you're enjoying all the creative spaces this week.

December 9, 2009

Free Stuff I Love: Bloesem Kids

Summer school holidays are nearly upon us here in Australia, so how could I not post Bloesem Kids?

I love it - such an amazing blog of cool kids stuff but even better, free craft projects you can do with your own kidlets.  And cool ones too.

Like these printed gift tags:

[image: bloesem kids]

And best thing is that this is project no. 45!!  Surely that will keep them going all summer!!   If you're not familiar with this fantastic blog, then head over and check it out here.  Click on the craft projects button for heaps of great ideas.

December 8, 2009


I love to wrap and package.  I love making it neat and pretty and suggestive of something nice waiting on the inside...

Paper, ribbon, string, I love it all.

Do you like to wrap too?

December 7, 2009

Love this vintage...

LOVE (and I mean love) this vintage baby dress.  Perfectly sweet in every way.  I adore the crochet at the top.   Have you ever seen this shop? I found it via Bloesem kids.  It's called Belle Heir and has the sweetest and cutest little person clothes you can find.  I just can't afford to shop there, as most things are a little pricey.  This is a 1930's baby dress in mint condition, and I'm also hooked on the gorgeous little toddler jackets like this one.  Sigh.  So lovely.

[image: +]

December 4, 2009


A sweet little pair of feet.

Inside a sweet little pair of handmade, hand felted shoes.

From a much loved and very sweet friend.

Thanks Deanie - we love them and they fit perfect now! xx

December 3, 2009

My creative space.

I've been making up some Christmas gifts for the little people in my life this week...I needed something for the weekend, something quick and easy, so I happily found a pattern for a patchwork fabric ball from one of my Japanese Craft Books.  Away I went, cutting up the pieces quickly on my knee whilst I supervised a sick youngster watching Playschool.  Thinking I knew what to do, I added seam allowance to all the pieces as that's what I've had to do in my previous Japanese sewing...

Unfortunately, not this sewing. This is how my first attempt turned out - sort of like a pink, warped looking pumpkin:

Trying again, I omitted seam allowance in the pattern, and success!!  It's nowhere near perfect, but so much better on attempt no.2.

Maybe I'll stick a couple of buttons in the first one and use it as a pincushion?  Either that or I'm sure the little Miss will be happy to find some use for it.

What has your creative space been up to?  Tell us over at Kirsty's right here.

December 2, 2009

Free Stuff I love: Pickles

This blog is so cute!!  I discovered it on the weekend via sew mama sew.  Pickles is a lovely place to read about knitting, crochet, cupcakes and craft!!  Check out the sidebar for heaps of freebies and ideas (don't worry if you can't read it - scroll down a bit for English).  I particularly love this wedding bolero.  If only I was a good knitter....

Check out this cute Norwegian blog right here.
ps.  there is a nice shop too!

December 1, 2009

Linen and Lace

It's a lovely duo I think, do you agree?   I just wish I had some more of this pretty vintage lace to sew with.  Must go lace hunting...

Finished this one last week and it's now listed in the shop.