May 18, 2009

Someone Gave Me: Georgie

Meet Georgie.  Isn't she lovely?  My lovely sister-in-law Yana made her for me as a gift for my first Mothers Day.  Yana is a very neat sewer as you can see!  She knows I love Giraffe's and she also knows that I love this gorgeous two in the bush fabric by timeless treasures. 
Georgie is as perfect as she is patient.  She currently has pride of place on our TV cabinet,  where she quietly and politely sits until a little pair of hands climb up and pull her down to cuddle and play with her (multiple times a day). She is one patient little giraffe and we welcome her to our family.

I'm so pleased that the lovely Yana has just started a blog of her own to show off her clever handmade goodies so head over and take a peek.  I'm sure she will be posting about Georgie at some stage and might even tell you where she got the pattern :o)


  1. she's so cute and love the fabric choice!

  2. Georgie is divine! And that fabric is too gorgeous. There really is something magical about giraffes isn't there? Yana is one talented lady.

  3. She is too cute and such a fantastic fabric! Lucky you. Thanks so much for the offer of sending me the pattern piece and I may take you up on it but will keep you posted!


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