April 30, 2009

Someone Buy Me: Feed Me Now!

Oh, goody. Look what I just discovered on my wanderings through the bookshop yesterday....Bills new book is out! I really hope I can get my hands on a copy soon...

This book will be pretty much everywhere. Amazon, local bookstores, online shops. Booktopia is doing a special for Mothers Day, selling discounted, signed copies together with a copy of Susan Loomis' book On Rue Tatin for less than RRP.  Bargain. 

April 29, 2009

Free Stuff I love: Pincushion Tutorials

I was in desperate need of a new pincushion.  My existing little pillow of pins was really, and I mean REALLY sad, needing to retire.  So I had a look around for some free tutorials on making cute pincushions.

I discovered that there are about a gazillion patterns and tutorials for pincushions out there.  Here is the one I made,  along with links to others I also thought were great.  An excellent way to use scraps of expensive or treasured fabric and make last minute gifts!

Mine was made from a lovely tut from Hyena in Petticoats.  It wasn't too dissimilar to the Amy Butler Hourglass Pillow (just square instead of triangular patchwork)

Martha Stewarts very cute strawberry pincushions

Here's a cute off-set square wrist pincushion from planet june

and a pincushion cuff from Keyka Lou

Sugar Cube Pincushions at Moda Bakeshop

And if that's not enough for you, try here, here and here for even more.  Happy making!

(all images except initial picture from linked sources)

April 28, 2009

What to do with my elephants?

I recently acquired this really cute linen/cotton fabric. I love it so much but don't know what to make from it.... I was thinking something cute for Ellie or my newborn niece, but not sure. Does anyone have any ideas or cute patterns to suggest?

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April 27, 2009

Grosgrain Giveaways

Kathleen from Grosgrain continues to post even more beautiful handmade giveaways.  She is so so clever, I love this dress and these skirts!  Below are some of my favourite items, but she has even more going at her blog here

Read about the Simple Skirts Giveaway here

Check out her gorgeous Picnic Frock Giveaway here

Book of the Week: Sock and Glove

This is a really delightful little book by Miyako Kanamori called Sock and Glove.  It is so cute, and I couldn't help purchasing it when I saw it (being a sucker for softies as I am).  It's a book that shows how to create a range of gorgeous little soft friends from socks and gloves.  They are able to be hand or machine sewn and look very simple to make.  

I am yet to try one, because I cannot decide who I like best, although I must say that the zebra makes me smile every time I see him!  There are even instructions on how to make clothes for them too.  So sweet. 

Here are a few glimpses of what's inside:  

This book is available here and here.  I found mine at my local Borders store.

April 25, 2009

Super-cute Tote

Another project that was completed last weekend while I was at the beach (thank you so much Yana for bringing your machine, and Mum for being such an awesome babysitter!!!)

This was my practise run of the 'Super-Cute Tote' by Jennie McClelland in Pip Lincoln's Meet me at Mikes book. I thought it was a cute little bag and I have some lovely Vintage Irish Linen I would love to make another in, but I did want a trial run first. So, I made the external bag out of a heavyweight blue cotton from my stash, and the lining and bag top are my Grandma's very old curtains that were headed for the rubbish (anyone of you family recognise them from the second room?) She was sure that they would fall apart, but the material was fine (except when I tried to unpick something) and now the curtains are a bag!

The only thing I noticed was that the lining pattern piece seemed to be slightly large for the bag top. I thought I was pretty careful with cutting and seam allowance, but it seemed about 2cm too big when I went to sew it on. Anyhow, it could have been me, so I worked through it, and modified slightly, and now I have this cute little tote to give to someone. It's going to a good home soon.

April 24, 2009

New slippers

We call them Grandpa Slippers in our house. And now Ellie has a pair of her own to match Dad. All thanks to some pink op shop fleece, a nice little surprise gift of Japanese tartan corduroy from Leslie and a cute pattern for baby shoes in my new Meet me at Mikes book (Yes, I got the it!!)

I think the slippers are nearly as cute as those baby legs.

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April 23, 2009

Someone Buy Me: Finger Puppets

How cute!!!  Just LOVE these little guys.  I think they're so cute I'd get them even if there were no little person in my house.  I still can't decide who is my favourite.  I love the squirrel, but we love duckies at our place...and yet, that little parrot!   He's gorgeous.  Made and sold on etsy by cynic the lamb at the sotosofties store.  How lovely.

April 22, 2009

Free stuff I love: Online Zines

There are lots of cool downloadable zines available, and here are a list of free ones that I absolutely love.  Check them out when you get the chance  - they are excellent!

Small Magazine (so lovely and well put together - a collection of art, fashion and handmade for children)

Antler Magazine (fashion, art, culture and the like)

lmnop (for hip, stylish parents and kids)

Parasol Magazine (dedicated to art and design - brand new!)

And last but certainly not least Living Creatively (if you're Aussie you will know this one - an online zine with forums, interviews, and projects galore)


April 21, 2009


Today hasn't been the best of days.  Amongst other things I feel sick, have a really sore back, and am sad I've seriously lost two important possessions - a memory card for my camera with all my holiday photos on it, and a favourite earring which I am now paranoid about Ellie finding.  Sigh.  Anyhow, I did manage to desperately do a little bit of sewing in there while my little tiger (or should I say 'cling-on') crawled around me whinging and trying to climb up my legs.  I gave up in the end, so you'll have to wait for another day to see this project finished.  

April 20, 2009

Book of the Week: Bills Open Kitchen

I love books. I love cookbooks and craft books especially. And my collection of these things is rather large, particularly on the cookery side. So, I thought I would share some of my favourites with you on Mondays.

Lets kick things off with one of the best ever in my opinion. Our first 'Book of the Week' is Bills Open Kitchen by Bill Granger. Bill is one of my absolute favourites, and you are bound to see a few more, if not all of them on this blog over the coming weeks. Bills Open Kitchen has some of the easiest and yummiest foods that are just fantastic for anytime. Great for entertaining. Some of my favourite tried and tested pages are below (you might even be able to see the dirty marks on the pages where I've used it over and over!)

Caramel Chicken (yum)

(Soft Centred Chocolate Puddings...so good.)

(Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls with dipping sauce - great for entertaining)

(Chocolate Tarts - Easy and Double Yummy!!)

If you like the look of this, you can get it here.

April 16, 2009

Someone Buy Me: Paris Lights

Mmmm.  Loving these prints in the 'Paris lights' series by Nicodemus Green.   The first is my particular favourite, and not too pricey either at $20 each.    I can imagine it on a white wall in a large white frame and as part of a neutral, tranquil group of artworks or photos.  I like it and I hope you like it too. 

[images from nicodemus green]

(Ps.  'Someone Buy Me' is now a Thursday regular in case you were wondering.)

April 15, 2009

Free stuff I love: Clutch Patterns

I love clutches! Here are a few pictures of one I made earlier in the year with a vintage red stripe fabric following Rubyellen's clutch tutorial on Cakies (a must-add blog to your reader!). It turned out well, although I think I'd use a more heavyweight material next time. Get the tutorial for yourself here.

Here are a couple more free clutch patterns and tutorials that you might also like to make:

Find out how to attach a frame to your purse and make this cute little Straight Frame Clutch also from U-Handbag

Kwik-Sew's Downloadable Pattern for this simple clutch

The Itty Bitty Bag at Burda Style

And finally, this lovely Clutch Purse with Antique Pin Closure from Better Homes and Gardens. You can get your free pattern here.

April 14, 2009

Tollipop Giveaway

How cute are these little paintings?   They would be so perfect for Ellie's room, and all three framed originals are being given away this week at Tollipop.  There are actually four prizes up for grabs, so head over and leave a comment for your chance to win!  If you don't happen to land this lovely prize, maybe have a peek at Tollipop's etsy store for something you like.