October 31, 2009

My Place and Yours :: Blog HQ!!

What a great choice from from this week's theme queen...Blog Headquarters.  Here's mine.

Here's me perched where I always am.  On the lounge in the living room, with my laptop on my knee on a stable table (don't you just love 'em?).  The reason for the stable table is my poor old laptop was overheating from sitting on the lounge or my knee, so this way it can breath a little, and not fall off.  Of course, there are other uses too, like a place to put your pens, mobile phone and memory cards from the camera....etc...

This is my weekend view.    Our little back courtyard. Today my Mr and Junior were out there enjoying the sunshine.

The loungeroom is a good place for me, as I can be close to Junior, who at the moment, has issues with me sitting at a table (by doing this I am 'ignoring' her apparently).  I find I can sit more comfortably without getting whinged at in this position.

Only one problem.  I get frequent visits.  Now while I do love visitors, it's getting mighty hard to make a race to a certain brightly lit button that so dearly asks to be pressed....

Before I know it (probably more than once a day)...this is what happens to poor old blog HQ.

I know, I know, it's my own fault and all.  But I like it here, and it suits me this little headquarters I have.  Now I'm off to have a peek at some more.  Why don't you join the fun at Pip's too?

October 30, 2009

My creative space...

This week, I've been working on a little repurposing project.  I had a couple of really pretty thrifted pillow cases in good condition, so I made a simple little dress for Ellie using this lovely book (there are so many beautiful patterns I took a couple of weeks to decide where to start).

Nicest bit was sewing it up - came together in a jiffy!

Worst bit - cutting the binding pieces.   Whilst I'm a fan of ironing binding now (thanks to my new toy), I really really hate cutting the pieces out.  If anyone knows of a quick way to do it, let me know.  I just hate getting down and making it all straight, but once it's cut, all's good!.  Anyhow, it was wonderful using a Japanese pattern, and if you have a little sewing know-how, then they really are easy to follow (at least for simple projects).  And who doesn't love a good repurpose?

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I've been up to.  See many more creative spaces here.

October 28, 2009

Free stuff I love

Just a mix of interesting things today - freebies I've discovered in the last few weeks around the web...

Want to learn how to make these sweet hairpins using vintage materials?

Head over to evaforeva for the how-to.

[image +]

Need a link to twitter on your blog? There are heaps of free downloadables to choose from here at Randa Clay Design.

twitter badge 1

Are you a last minute person like yours truly? Make Bunting MEGA quick for any occasion using just tissue, glue and string. Get the how-to at Project Wedding.

[image +]

I really need to get one of these done. My scraps and threads are all over the place, and need a home. Get this fabric covered box tutorial at Adelaide Lemonade via Sew Mama Sew

[image +]


Gret x

October 26, 2009

Love this vintage...

I love this vintage set of toys once owned by my husband. They are so sweet, and belonged to him when he was Ellie's age. It made me so happy to see her delighted to play with them too while we were visiting Shayne's parents in Brisbane last weekend.

They don't make toys like they used to.

This cute little pull train made her giggle once she got over the cranks and frustration of not knowing how to pull it properly.
and this lovely musical clock still works perfectly (gorgeous artwork too).

These wooden blocks are handmade. Love the lettering.

October 24, 2009

My Place and Yours :: Bedside

So, I could show you this: (tranquil Japanese craft that I read to sleep by)


I could be a little more honest and show you this:

I pulled almost everything out of my drawers and cupboards earlier today with the intent of "spring cleaning" - I've been through it, tried a million things on, sorted it into piles and decided to donate a heap of pre-baby body clothes, but have run out of time to get it back where it belongs (and I am doing no more of it this evening). I shall be sleeping with this mess by my bedside tonight, but I promise it's going right back into place tomorrow.

I hope that didn't scare any of you? You might find some prettier bedsides here. Thanks Pip for starting the fun.

October 23, 2009

My creative space.

Guess what arrived in the post this week?

Every crafty girl's (or maybe boy's) dream - 3 new Japanese craft books. This weekend I am making something for Ellie.

If only I could pick one pattern and after that some fabric!

More creative spaces over at Kirsty's

October 22, 2009

I won!

[image: Amanda Keeys Photography]

Yay! I won a giveaway! I will soon be the lucky owner of a gorgeous little baby beanie just like this one below from Amanda Keeys lovely blog.

If you're not aware, Amanda is a fabulous photographer located here in Sydney, and also one very crafty gal. She has recently released a book, teaching how to make your very own gorgeous baby beanies! If you'd like to learn, then you can buy it here. If you would like to buy a ready-made beanie, then head to Amanda's etsy store. Don't forget to take a peak at her beautiful photos as well.

October 21, 2009

My Place and Yours :: On the shelf

Now that blogger has finally decided to work for me, I thought I'd jump in on Pip's latest bloggy link up, it seemed like such a nice idea.

This is what we eat for breakfast.

Ellie - 2 Weetbix down the hatch in 60 seconds flat. I think she's part hobbit as she has second breakfast by picking off my breakfast plate too.

Shayne - Uncle Toby's muesli flakes for this man of routine. I think he's only had 2 types of cereal in the last 7 years. Sultana bran for about 3 years and Muesli Flakes ever since.

Gret - I need to change it up regularly. Hence the two boxes for me- I love oats, but I can't have them daily. A plain one and a fancy one in the cupboard does me just fine and I like it this way.

So there you have it. Maybe you know a little more about us and our place now. See some more places here.

October 19, 2009

Love this vintage...

1920's typewriter. Isn't she beautiful? Oh for a spare wad of cash and she could be mine. What fun we would have.

Available on etsy at poetic home.

We're still in Sunny Brisbane. Heading home today, with a truckload of food for the plane trip to keep one young Miss Eleanor happy. 'Twill be nice to sleep in my own bed tonight.

October 14, 2009

Free Stuff I love: Help Someone

Hey everyone, hope your week is going great.

Today's free stuff is about helping someone else. It doesn't cost anything except your time and a few scraps of fabric. Think of how wonderful it would be to help someone who really needs this.

Have a little look at the latest project from craft hope right here right now.

[image: jade::chikaustin on flickr]

If you are a wiz at quilting and you think you can do it on your own, then great! If you need a hand, there are some free tutorials on the craft hope website, or you can just piece the top together and send it through.

Helping someone doesn't have to cost you big bucks, or anything for that matter.

Enjoy! I'll be a little quiet on the blogging front til middle of next week as I'm off to Brisbane for a conference, so have a lovely weekend all!

October 13, 2009

This might just take away the smell.

Loving today's post by The Sartorialist. Pretty, pretty. Hoping that it takes my mind off the fact that my house smells like a toilet duck. I had the carpets steam cleaned this morning (try stopping a 1 year old from running around on it). Been out for the morning while it dried, and came home to a STINKY house.

I asked the guy not to spray the "intensive deoderiser" but, no. He did it anyway. Slightly annoyed about that as you may guess. We're not fans of really heavy chemical deoderising here at our place. Fresh sun, wind and air is best. Oh well. That will teach me to do my research next time and get a better cleaner.

BUT the good thing is I have NOTHING to clean today as the living and dining rooms are empty. YAY!!! Day off.

October 12, 2009

Love this vintage...

Cup and Saucer.

And everything else in this beautiful set of tea set images on flickr. Gorgeous.

Vintage Tea Sets and Rosie Parsons by Vintage Tea Sets (aka ClaraBows).

October 11, 2009

Speed Clean week 2

You may be wondering how my speed cleaning efforts have been going?
Well, I did have some difficulty keeping up, and I won't hide the fact that I didn't get to everything (rain, sickness, etc) but what I did was worth it.

What have I learned?
1. I don't realistically think I can clean on my work days. I think they'll have to be days off, and I might need to just do a bit more other days (not what I want, but better that than nothing)
2. I really like my Enjo cleaning products. They are fab, and so much better for the environment than chemicals, which I haven't used in ages.
3. It gets quicker the more you do it using this method.
4. I like cleaning windows.
5. I still hate cleaning the shower, and the bathroom floors.

How long has it been taking?
A LOT closer to 15 mins, but certainly can't see how I'd ever be able to do it that quickly ever in the bathrooms..?

Still quite happy with this method of cleaning, it's been easier, more thorough and more motivating than cleaning a whole house at once.

Anyone used the speed cleaning book? If so, what do you think?

October 9, 2009

Someone Pretty

Hey everyone,

Aren't you glad it's the weekend? I love Fridays so much. And better still I think Ellie might just be on the mend once and for all. Don't hold me to it though, as I will believe it when I see it!

I wanted to share something with you that Ellie received as a birthday present from one very clever Aunty Yana. Her name is Jemima and she is a beautiful hand made doll! Handmade gifts are so ace. Really they are.

Here are a couple of photos of her - she's very pretty, and every last piece of her is handmade, right down to her dress and removable shoes! Her eyes are my favourite: just perfect embroidery. Aunty Yana - you will be pleased to know Jemima is a firm favourite around here...if she makes it onto Percy the push-around, she is a DEFINITE favourite.

Keep watch for Yana's lovely embroidered piece in Kirsty's quilt project (so beautiful) and more pictures here.

Stay tuned for Speed Cleaning Week 2 verdict this weekend....and enjoy yours!!

October 8, 2009

My creative space...

I miss sewing.
The poor old creative space has taken a bit of a backseat lately, but this week I finally got to finish and list something new in the shop amidst all the baby unwellness. In this tote I'm still using up the blue roses vintage cotton as lining, which I am very partial to and wish I could find some more of.
See many more very lovely and inspiring creative spaces here.

October 7, 2009

Free Stuff I love

It's been a rough few months with Ellie's health. I've sort of stopped whining about it because I got sick of it and surely so did you.

But I don't have a lot to post on freebies today, as I've been running around frantically this morning trying to get my baby chest X-rays and what not. Things are going downhill with her health and we're now onto the 'big brother' of antibiotics as it seems the others did not work. Poor thing has a throat and chest infection now.

So, please bear with me yet again.

But, I can't send you away with nothing to click on! Instead of my usual list, I'll send you over to Lara's blog where she has a nice tutorial for you. Enjoy and may you all stay healthy!

October 5, 2009

Love this vintage...

Set of little girls dresses. You know who wore these 30-odd years ago?


Mum dug them out of storage on Friday and I thought they were so sweet - even better, they're handmade by her, and they might just fit Ellie (at least to get a photo in them anyway). I am so impressed with her sewing...very VERY neat...every little pin tuck is in perfect alignment, and apparently she was just a beginner then. Good one Mum.

Isn't she clever?

October 3, 2009

And the winner is...

And the winner is....


Congratulations on being the random winner of a little red ribbon's first giveaway! I will be in touch so that your purse can be on it's way ASAP!

Thanks to everyone for your entries and sweet comments - it was lovely to meet some new people too.

October 1, 2009

I made the front page!

Yippee! I made the front page of etsy. Many thanks to Belinda from Moonmum for including me in her lovely treasury. It's a nice collection yeah? And also encouraging that someone actually likes my stuff. Breathe a sigh of relief now Gret.

Also, a quick update on Speedcleaning Day 3:

Room Cleaned: Bathroom
Expectations: I hate the bathroom, It's going to take forever, I don't want to change my method.
Reality: I don't mind this method, and it makes my bathroom sparkle!!
Time taken: 30 mins
The verdict: Bathroom ain't as bad as I thought. I'm getting the hang of this.

One point of note is that the book Speed Cleaning offers two types of bathroom cleaning instructions. There is a 'super-speed clean' and a 'regular' one. The super speed clean involves steaming up the entire bathroom before you start, and that's about all the info I can probably give before I breach copyright law. To me, THAT type of cleaning sounds wonderful, and might actually make things happen quicker, but my one problem is I have an automatic exhaust fan, and no window, so it's either clean in the pitch black, or have my steam escape up the exhaust fan. Bummer. Regular speed clean for me it is.

More updates on the cleaning next week. :o)