October 1, 2009

I made the front page!

Yippee! I made the front page of etsy. Many thanks to Belinda from Moonmum for including me in her lovely treasury. It's a nice collection yeah? And also encouraging that someone actually likes my stuff. Breathe a sigh of relief now Gret.

Also, a quick update on Speedcleaning Day 3:

Room Cleaned: Bathroom
Expectations: I hate the bathroom, It's going to take forever, I don't want to change my method.
Reality: I don't mind this method, and it makes my bathroom sparkle!!
Time taken: 30 mins
The verdict: Bathroom ain't as bad as I thought. I'm getting the hang of this.

One point of note is that the book Speed Cleaning offers two types of bathroom cleaning instructions. There is a 'super-speed clean' and a 'regular' one. The super speed clean involves steaming up the entire bathroom before you start, and that's about all the info I can probably give before I breach copyright law. To me, THAT type of cleaning sounds wonderful, and might actually make things happen quicker, but my one problem is I have an automatic exhaust fan, and no window, so it's either clean in the pitch black, or have my steam escape up the exhaust fan. Bummer. Regular speed clean for me it is.

More updates on the cleaning next week. :o)


  1. nice work on making the front page, it's a great feeling isn't it
    x isis

  2. Congrats on getting on the front page!


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