October 21, 2009

My Place and Yours :: On the shelf

Now that blogger has finally decided to work for me, I thought I'd jump in on Pip's latest bloggy link up, it seemed like such a nice idea.

This is what we eat for breakfast.

Ellie - 2 Weetbix down the hatch in 60 seconds flat. I think she's part hobbit as she has second breakfast by picking off my breakfast plate too.

Shayne - Uncle Toby's muesli flakes for this man of routine. I think he's only had 2 types of cereal in the last 7 years. Sultana bran for about 3 years and Muesli Flakes ever since.

Gret - I need to change it up regularly. Hence the two boxes for me- I love oats, but I can't have them daily. A plain one and a fancy one in the cupboard does me just fine and I like it this way.

So there you have it. Maybe you know a little more about us and our place now. See some more places here.

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  1. Hee hee...very funny! Especially the Hobbit related comment x


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