October 13, 2009

This might just take away the smell.

Loving today's post by The Sartorialist. Pretty, pretty. Hoping that it takes my mind off the fact that my house smells like a toilet duck. I had the carpets steam cleaned this morning (try stopping a 1 year old from running around on it). Been out for the morning while it dried, and came home to a STINKY house.

I asked the guy not to spray the "intensive deoderiser" but, no. He did it anyway. Slightly annoyed about that as you may guess. We're not fans of really heavy chemical deoderising here at our place. Fresh sun, wind and air is best. Oh well. That will teach me to do my research next time and get a better cleaner.

BUT the good thing is I have NOTHING to clean today as the living and dining rooms are empty. YAY!!! Day off.

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