October 9, 2009

Someone Pretty

Hey everyone,

Aren't you glad it's the weekend? I love Fridays so much. And better still I think Ellie might just be on the mend once and for all. Don't hold me to it though, as I will believe it when I see it!

I wanted to share something with you that Ellie received as a birthday present from one very clever Aunty Yana. Her name is Jemima and she is a beautiful hand made doll! Handmade gifts are so ace. Really they are.

Here are a couple of photos of her - she's very pretty, and every last piece of her is handmade, right down to her dress and removable shoes! Her eyes are my favourite: just perfect embroidery. Aunty Yana - you will be pleased to know Jemima is a firm favourite around here...if she makes it onto Percy the push-around, she is a DEFINITE favourite.

Keep watch for Yana's lovely embroidered piece in Kirsty's quilt project (so beautiful) and more pictures here.

Stay tuned for Speed Cleaning Week 2 verdict this weekend....and enjoy yours!!


  1. I can see why Jemima is a firm favourite - I dont think I could remove her from my small girl's grip ever! If she lived at out place. Peta

  2. ha ha love the ride for the toys ... she's inspired by Big Ted's train :)

  3. i'm so, so sorry that ellie hasn't been well, my fingers are crossed that she is indeed on the mend. and the doll is gorgeous, of course!

  4. im glad to know she likes it :)


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