October 31, 2009

My Place and Yours :: Blog HQ!!

What a great choice from from this week's theme queen...Blog Headquarters.  Here's mine.

Here's me perched where I always am.  On the lounge in the living room, with my laptop on my knee on a stable table (don't you just love 'em?).  The reason for the stable table is my poor old laptop was overheating from sitting on the lounge or my knee, so this way it can breath a little, and not fall off.  Of course, there are other uses too, like a place to put your pens, mobile phone and memory cards from the camera....etc...

This is my weekend view.    Our little back courtyard. Today my Mr and Junior were out there enjoying the sunshine.

The loungeroom is a good place for me, as I can be close to Junior, who at the moment, has issues with me sitting at a table (by doing this I am 'ignoring' her apparently).  I find I can sit more comfortably without getting whinged at in this position.

Only one problem.  I get frequent visits.  Now while I do love visitors, it's getting mighty hard to make a race to a certain brightly lit button that so dearly asks to be pressed....

Before I know it (probably more than once a day)...this is what happens to poor old blog HQ.

I know, I know, it's my own fault and all.  But I like it here, and it suits me this little headquarters I have.  Now I'm off to have a peek at some more.  Why don't you join the fun at Pip's too?


  1. Cute, funny and probably frustrating at times!! How could you get cross with that little cutie though? Ah the many joys of parenthood. Have a great weekend xo

  2. what a cute little blogger in the making!

  3. Ah yes I either have to do the computer thing while the smallest person is asleep or I have to do the sneaky kitchen bench posts. Perhaps we should get these small folk there own blogs?

  4. Oh I have the same problem. Drives me nuts! Of all the buttons they could push why does it have to be 'OFF'?!

  5. Ahh the stable table, might need to look into that. My littlest has a few of the same habits as yours and I'm forever wiping sticky hand prints away.

  6. Aw. I don't blame her. I'd turn me off too sometimes, if I had the right button. Very discerning and clever poppet! x


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