October 24, 2009

My Place and Yours :: Bedside

So, I could show you this: (tranquil Japanese craft that I read to sleep by)


I could be a little more honest and show you this:

I pulled almost everything out of my drawers and cupboards earlier today with the intent of "spring cleaning" - I've been through it, tried a million things on, sorted it into piles and decided to donate a heap of pre-baby body clothes, but have run out of time to get it back where it belongs (and I am doing no more of it this evening). I shall be sleeping with this mess by my bedside tonight, but I promise it's going right back into place tomorrow.

I hope that didn't scare any of you? You might find some prettier bedsides here. Thanks Pip for starting the fun.


  1. I'm with you...
    My hip of clothes is going a bit down at the moment and some of them are already in boxes either for next year or for charity.

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. i love those craft mags..good luck with your spring cleaning!

  3. Looks like lots of fun reading material there.

  4. I am sure it must be a pleasant reading before going to sleep..I like to read cook books when I am tired... and good luck with the spring cleaning project, I know the feeling, eheh ;)

  5. I have a pile of laundry sitting perched on a stool which looks like the cousin of your pile!

    The magazines are in sharp contrast and I thnk they are lovely!

    Thanks for playing, and no, you didn't scare me! xx

  6. haha! At least someone is being honest. :) I've had a similar stack of clothes that i finally finished sorting through last week. It feels so good to walk away from the charity shop without them! lol. How do we accumulate so many thing? :)

  7. at least you started that project ~ something I'm avoiding for this very reason

  8. Life is full of contrasts - that's what makes it funny! Great post!


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