October 11, 2009

Speed Clean week 2

You may be wondering how my speed cleaning efforts have been going?
Well, I did have some difficulty keeping up, and I won't hide the fact that I didn't get to everything (rain, sickness, etc) but what I did was worth it.

What have I learned?
1. I don't realistically think I can clean on my work days. I think they'll have to be days off, and I might need to just do a bit more other days (not what I want, but better that than nothing)
2. I really like my Enjo cleaning products. They are fab, and so much better for the environment than chemicals, which I haven't used in ages.
3. It gets quicker the more you do it using this method.
4. I like cleaning windows.
5. I still hate cleaning the shower, and the bathroom floors.

How long has it been taking?
A LOT closer to 15 mins, but certainly can't see how I'd ever be able to do it that quickly ever in the bathrooms..?

Still quite happy with this method of cleaning, it's been easier, more thorough and more motivating than cleaning a whole house at once.

Anyone used the speed cleaning book? If so, what do you think?

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