October 28, 2009

Free stuff I love

Just a mix of interesting things today - freebies I've discovered in the last few weeks around the web...

Want to learn how to make these sweet hairpins using vintage materials?

Head over to evaforeva for the how-to.

[image +]

Need a link to twitter on your blog? There are heaps of free downloadables to choose from here at Randa Clay Design.

twitter badge 1

Are you a last minute person like yours truly? Make Bunting MEGA quick for any occasion using just tissue, glue and string. Get the how-to at Project Wedding.

[image +]

I really need to get one of these done. My scraps and threads are all over the place, and need a home. Get this fabric covered box tutorial at Adelaide Lemonade via Sew Mama Sew

[image +]


Gret x


  1. Hi Gretel,
    Great blog! The stuff in your shop is beautiful. Thanks for featuring my fabric covered box on your blog!

  2. I want that fabric covered box! Stunning.
    Good finds :)

  3. I'm so glad you post free tutorials and 'how to's'

    It's great being able to make things yourself, but sometimes also hard to keep coming up with new ideas. Your blog never falls short of giving me ideas. Thanks for that! :)



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