September 30, 2009

Free Stuff I love: Cute cleaning Tutes

First things first: How was speed cleaning Day 2? Here is a quick run-down:

Space Cleaned: Living and Dining Rooms
Expectations: This will be easy.
Reality: Much harder than I thought. Bigger = More dust traps.
Time taken: at least 45 mins.
Verdict: Living and Dining is harder than it looks, but SO worth it.
My only disappointment with these rooms, is that there is quite a bit of effort to get rid of dust that has been piling up for a while and yet the room gets so messy quickly (especially with kids stuff) I never thought to look on top of the vertical blinds track, and I don't know that I've ever vacuumed inside the sliding door track (is that terrible?). Anyhow, it's done now, and it feels and looks very clean. I am happy. At this rate I will have a beautifully clean house by the long weekend, and next week I will be seeing how much faster it happens in the hope that I can crack that elusive "15 minutes a day". Stay tuned.
So, while I'm on the topic of cleaning, lets stick with the theme. Today's freebies are below and there are some clever and useful cleaning devices. If you know of any more, feel free to post them in the comments below.

Sew some cute laundry bags for the kids dirty washing at I have to Say

Make your swiffer less evil at Look Ma, No patterns!

Make your own dusters at merwing littledear on flickr and we wilsons

[all images from linked original sources]


  1. wow, the dusters look great! Thanks for the heads up


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