August 25, 2009

Stitches and Craft Show

So, after all that waiting the Sydney Stitches and Craft show came and went. I had a great day out with family Yana, Ros and our Mum's. That's me on the right in the top photo with Yana, and that's Ros with the ever-lovely Ink & Spindle girls (I was behind the camera).

The incubator section was fantastic. Loads of inspiration and encouragement to follow your dreams, that's for sure. A few of us caught up with crafty acquaintances who were holding stalls, and a great day was had by all. We even learned how to upholster an old chair from scratch!

"So, what did you buy?", you ask. Have a look down below!

Fabric-wise, I picked up a few fabric panels from Ink & Spindle, a cute little screen print of a washing line that I couldn't resist from The Red Thread and a fabric remnant from Cloth - a new label to me.
And my favourite purchase of all was a bias tape maker from Nicole Mallalieu Design. Yep, I'm easy to please and oh how much easier my life has been since! This is the most amazing little gadget and I've been after one for AGES. I think I've cut down my bag-handle making by about 90%!!! No I love making binding instead of hating it and I'm so relieved.
So there you have it Stitches and Craft 2009 was a success.


  1. That bias binding thingamajig has been on my to buy list for a while! Happy to see that it is something worth buying x

  2. Seems like Nicole is on a mission to ensure every crafter in the world has a bias tape maker! She convinced (brainwashed) me to buy one at the Melbourne Stitches & Craft in March too. And now I am definately a bias tape maker convert. I being applying my own bias to things I never even dreamed of before! Good luck with learning to love yours. Love your fabric buys, they're gorgeous.

  3. I just last night put the finishing touches on a sweet little (size 1/2) Asian inspired dress/coat for my granddaughter. I made it in a lovely red on red 100% cotton with pale pink lining. The edges are all edged in seam binding, which I have never been good at, but i laboured along for hours, making my OWN in a pink and red was a laborious task, but finished garment looks really beautiful. I just wish i had a bias tape maker to make another dress without the time consuming job. PLEASE PLEASE tell me where I can find one (ps made striped pants with matching red ruffle at hem...really cute. Thanking everyone ahead of time and enjoying these blogs...I am new to this ...Louise

  4. Louise, Sorry, I've replied here as you haven't left a return email or identity that I am able to contact. I got my bias tape maker from Nicole Mallalieu design, so try here:

    You should also be able to get it online in other places. 'Clover' is the brand. I have the 25mm one.


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