July 10, 2009

Something I've been working on...

Hello everyone. I'd like to show you something I've been working on. I'm a bit nervous to show you, because I'm not sure you'll like it, but here goes...
Seeing as I love vintage linens and embroidery/crochet so much, I thought it might be nice to use them in my sewing. I have made several zippered pouches that could be used as a coin purse/small makeup pouch or jewellery holder, and I also have several other ideas in the works. I've mixed the vintage pieces with a natural linen/cotton as I think they complement each other nicely.
The scary thing is that I have decided to start a little adventure, and perhaps sell some of these...Yikes! What am I getting myself into? It is completely freaking me out that someone might buy one and think it's terrible, but I will give it a go anyhow. I would like to get some sort of store up and running in the next few months, so we shall see what happens I guess.
This above purse is my favourite so far. I love birds in embroidery.

So please tell me - do you like? (If you do, I might show you some more over the next week.)


  1. I Like!

    These are really cute and original. I think you've done a lovely job with them.

    They look like good sellers to me.

    Well done.

  2. good work Gret, they look lovely! you've turned something vintage into something modern :)

  3. Gret these are really really cute and very original (hard these days). They look impeccably made so I can't imagine anyone buying one and having a problem with it. I say sell, sell, SELL!


    p.s very 'green' too with the repurposing and all! Gold star *

  4. hurry up and open your Etsy store girl... GORGEOUS work!


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