July 13, 2009

Mr Postman Delivery: Hand-knitting

I thought I'd add another quick post today - this little present arrived in the mail this morning. It's a hand-knitted vest by Eleanor's great-Nan. She sent it down from Molong this week. Isn't it cute? I think Madam approves.

Hand made is the best!


  1. Gorgeous!! My little one's great nan sends him stuff down from Sydney and they are my favourite things to dress him in. Nothing beats hand made and from the heart.

  2. Just spent what seems like a very fast 2 hours on your site. Fab stuff!!! I think my project list just quadrupled in size!! I do want to knit a vest for my little one and am looking for a good pattern. Any chance you know which pattern your Nan used for this one?

  3. Sorry, not sure about the pattern, good luck with finding one! Thanks


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