July 1, 2009

Free Stuff I Love: Little girl's skirts

I don't know about you, but I get so excited by all the things I could make, that I work myself into a state and don't know where to start! I am so addicted to clothing for little girls, and I can't wait for the Australian Summer to return so that I can start making her some gorgeous summer clothing!

Do you have a little girl who might like a skirt? If you do, then feast your eyes on these lovely and ever so cute free tutorials from around the blogosphere. I have my favourite. Which one is yours?

Maybe if there are no girls at your place you could make one for a little person you know. She will love you for it I am certain!

Starting us off - Vanessa from V and Co has a great skirt for a 2-3 year old on her site made from a bandana! Check it out here. I love it!

Any twirlers in your house? If so, you'll love this Twirly Skirt Tutorial from House on Hill Road

And here is my favourite!! I absolutely LOVE this tiered skirt from Kuky Ideas. Adorable.

If it's still winter in your neck of the woods, you could make use of old clothes with this tutorial for making a girls pleated skirt from a turtle neck sweater (from Suzy of Baby Patterns):

Here's a tutorial for a really sweet but easy skirt from Two little banshees

And here's a cute cup day skirt from thornberry

Or is patchwork your thing? Perhaps you'd like this cute Patchwork Skirt from Moda Bakeshop

So so many to choose from. No excuses for Ellie not to have some sort of summer wardrobe me thinks! If you need even more ideas, then try here and here and here!

[all images from linked original sources]


  1. Gret! How do you find these! I love you! I have a girl who will ONLY wear skirts - to the point where tonight I promised her I would make her a pajama skirt (seen any patterns for those floating around?!) Can I link to you in my next post which is to feature my latest skirt creation for said skirt-wearer?

  2. Yes now this is why I want to have a little girl - I shouldn't look at posts like these...

    Have nominated you for a blog award but no pressure to blog about it - just put you down as a nice new blog I have discovered. Lou.

  3. Jessi loves patchwork and twirly skirt ! Thanks now i have to make them .. ha ha.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas.


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