July 27, 2009

Love this vintage...

Hi everyone, I hope you had a lovely weekend. I did. I celebrated my birthday yesterday with my two lovelies, and had a great time. 32. Wow. I can remember when my Mum turned 33 and that feels like yesterday...and she seemed so grown up and so much more wise and mature than I feel right now. Have I learned enough? Done enough? How did the time go do quickly?

I did receive some lovely gifts, might show you some of those later on, but I thought I'd start this week with a little change to my weekly blog calendar.

I've been thinking it might be good to change from Book of the Week for a bit. I'd like to keep it interesting for you guys, so for a while I'll be posting on Monday's about Vintage stuff I like or have purchased, or been given!

Please feel free to tell me if this is a huge disappointment to you (really, please do), but I'm hoping it's not, and that you enjoy Monday's makeover. There. Enough explaining. Here we go....

[image from thrush]

LOVE this Vintage 1970's blue skirt. Cool! It's the Grace Kelly Skirt from Thrush on etsy (yes, you read that name right. I checked again too). This skirt is right up my alley. I'm loving the colour, the shape and waistband detail too. Cute with a pair of thongs or ballet flats I'm thinking. And of course, a cute white t-shirt. Do you love it too?

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  1. ooooo yeah love it Gret! Happy Birthday for yesterday! My Mr turns 36 on Wednesday.

    Oh and if you wanna see some vintage knits head on over to my blog today .... perhaps not quite the style you were looking for ...


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