July 6, 2009

Book of the Week: Quilting By Machine

Does anyone else have this book? Mine is an old second-hand harcover copy that my quilting Grandfather gave to me to help me along with my first quilt and I found it SO useful. It has the most wonderful, clear and easy to follow instructions about quilting basics, and I am so glad he gave it to me. Since receiving this book, i've stumbled upon a number of other SINGER titles that are made in the same way (eg. how to alter patterns, make pants that actually fit etc.). It's not specific to SINGER machines necessarily (I have a Janome), so if you find any in your local second hand stores, then I suggest you buy!

Sorry my pictures are bad today - trying to manage photo-taking around a 10 month old who loves camera-grabbing!. Have a lovely week everyone!

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