July 28, 2009

Someone Gave Me: Handmade Home

Guess what I got for my birthday from my lovely sister-in-law? A pre-ordered copy of Amanda Blake Soule's latest book!! Yay! Can't wait to have a look inside and get my hands into some great projects, but I'll have to wait another couple of weeks yet.


Today over at Amanda's blog, she is showing off her creative space. Oh my goodness. I am so inspired. She just has the most beautiful way of making her home look creative, comfortable and well-loved. You should really go and have a look, it's very cool.

[image from soule mama]

I think I'll chip away at mine again today.


  1. Hey Gret I almost fell over thinking you must of already had a copy! I was going to race on over to your place and invite myself in for a cuppa and a look-see! And I have just come from Amanda's site - how amazing is that space? Very inspiring indeed. I like the fact that she can see the kids playing. That's one thing that I don't like about my space - it's on the opposite end of the house so I don't feel i can be in there when the kids are out the back.

    Would love to see some shots of your space too. I'm sure it's just as lovely :)


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