July 8, 2009

Free Stuff I love: Quilts

Hi everyone, hope you are well today and having a lovely week. I don't know if it's winter blues or not, but I have been finding it a bit difficult getting back into routine after our long holiday....I forgot what it was like to be alone without another adult at home (how do you get anything done with more than one??). To ease me into the daily grind again, this week Ellie has decided to cut top teeth. I do feel sorry for her, but I'm sad that I have been trying and trying to get to the sewing machine all week and it is just becoming harder and harder. The sleeps are getting shorter and the behaviour more demanding. C'mon teeth, time to appear!!! But enough of poor me. All this to say that I have something I've been working on that I'd love to show you all if I could just get some time alone....stay tuned, it shouldn't be much longer now.

My posts for this week seem to have a quilting theme, so I may as well keep it going today :o) Free Stuff for today is a collection of Quilt Tutorials/Patterns that I think are cool. Of course, there are hundreds more out there, I know, but these are all pretty nice ones if you ask me!

Here is a pretty Baby Girls Quilt tutorial from Moda Bakeshop by Vanessa of V and Co. Pity there are nothing but little men being born amongst my family and friends right now!

Also recently posted at Moda Bakeshop is this lovely Candy Buttons Quilt Tutorial. I am really loving these dots!

If you fancy the dots, but don't fancy all of that applique, then try a clever alternative method and make this gorgeous Marble Champ Quilt by Lizzy House

Here is a nice gender neutral Sparks Baby Quilt Pattern at Handmade by Alissa

cathedral window quilt

Today's favourite? Here it is: I LOVE this gorgeous little mini embroidered alphabet quilt shared at Orange Flower Patterns and Tutorials. It's so simple, and yet very effective.

And if you are a bit scared of binding quilts (like me!) then there is a tutorial on binding for you from Crazy Mom Quilts right here.

Happy Quilting my friends! x o

[all images from linked original sources]


  1. I have heard of this great idea years ago and always thought i'd love to do it: to quilt/applique a banner for each child that you hang up on their birthday. It has their name and then each year you add a picture that sums them up (or 2) so that the banner grows with them! Well i always thought i'd applique it as quilting seems a bit too much work. Anyway .. thought i'd add that :)

  2. Oh god love ya Gret! You always seem to post the "free stuff I love" on topics that I just happen to be currently obsessed with! After I finish the quilt I'm working on now I am planning on cranking out a baby quilt for a friend so that particular tut will really come in handy.

    oh and I know how you feel about returning from holidays. it's amazing how such a short time away can leave you feeling totally discombobulated! Hope poor Ellie's teeth shine through soon :)


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