July 14, 2009

Another zippered pouch

Here is another of my purses recently made. I quite like it, but am disappointed that I used a vintage zipper to try and repurpose some older materials, however, after it was completed, I noticed that the zipper is a bit stiff. Any ideas on how I could make it smooth? I've heard of soap and also candle wax, and so far I've tried the soap unsuccessfully. Oh well. It smells very sweet now! If I can't sell this one someday I will keep it up my sleeve for something else.

I haven't yet had any labels made. So I've been inserting a little red grosgrain ribbon with white stitching inside the purses. I've realised that on the side you can't really see it very well unless you peek carefully, so I might have to try putting it somewhere else.

I'm also fond of the gingham lining. Happy with the old-fashioned but fresh look it's giving.


  1. Another really cute purse.

    When are you going to start selling these?

  2. gorgeous!! what dimensions are these Gret, to help give some perspective!


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