July 13, 2009

Book of the week: The return of the Naked Chef

I have a bit of a soft spot for Jamie. I just love his passion for good, hearty, home-made comfort food.

When I was at a friend's place one evening for dinner about 4 or 5 years ago, I had this curry. It was so delicious that it made me go out and buy the book. Then I made the curry myself and I was not disappointed. It is SO delicious. We are big curry fans in my house, and I would recommend this recipe to anyone who wants to learn how to make one from scratch. If you aren't up to making your own paste, then don't try it....but oh, how you are missing out!

Chickpea Moroccan Flatbread. Yum.

Beetroot with Balsamic Vinegar, Marjoram and Garlic.
Are you a chocolate fanatic? I bet you like the look of these chocolate pots. My mouth is watering!

In a nutshell, this is one of Jamie's older books, but has lots of wintry, homestyle flavours in it, with a splash of just about everything. Well worth the buy, just for the curry!!

Have a nice week all, I hope that Monday-itis doesn't hit too badly.


  1. Hi Gret - I agree, this curry is delicious. We also love making curries from scratch in our house, and the one in Jamie's next book (Happy Days) which provides a base for fish, chicken or vegie curry, is also fantastic. Thanks for reminding me about the lamb one!

    Thanks for a great blog, you have some lovely stuff on here. I am totally new to blogging and am constantly amazed by the stuff people are doing - I wish I had more hours in the day!

    And my little girl (9 months) is also Elli (short for Elinor). Elli/Ellie is just the sweetest name!

    Best wishes

  2. Yep. Of all my cook books (and there are ALOT) my three JO ones get used the most. But would you believe I have not made that curry?! Will got on it!


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