April 1, 2009

Hello again

Hello again friends, and happy April!  Oh how I have missed lovely blogland!   March was a great month for me - I became an Aunty for the first time, spent some quality time doing the things I needed to, and now feel refreshed and ready to face the rest of the year.  You know, I found that those 2 contradicting proverbs were both true - for some blogs it was out of sight out of mind, but for others, your absence made my heart grow much fonder.  March break was a wonderful way to find out which blogs I really needed to be reading, and which ones were clutter.  Try it some time - its a great way to get a little bit of head space back!

I have been busy with lots of things one of which is my very first attempt at a patchwork quilt for Ellie.  It's not complete, but the quilt top is finished, now just need to work out how to do the hard bits i'm scared of like binding and quilting.  I am going to investigate some classes soon, as I have a really nice little place to do them just around the corner from my house (anyone want to join me?) but these things take time to organise with a wee one. 
 Here are a few photos.  One of the quilt top, and the other some of my favourite fabrics used in it. 
Self teaching patchwork and quilting comes with some hard lessons.  I absolutely love the gorgeous Japanese purple corduroy I received as a gift with my purchase from Leslie's beautiful shop good-ness, however, this was a bad choice for my first attempt.    There was a little too much stretch in it, and meant I had to unpick, and re-sew things to make it fit.  Sigh, but lesson learned.  Start simple. (nb:  leslie has a great 30% sale in her store right now!! Good for the poor Aussie dollar.)

Do you know where the above fabrics came from?  I am scared to say...but I will.  Big W!!  I found a tiny stash of FQ's in the back of the store for $3.50 each.  Bargain!  And perfect for what I wanted for Ellie.  I was so pleased I found them.  Was hard to justify an expensive purchase on something I might screw up, so i'm glad I stumbled across it.
Anyhow, was lovely to chat again.  Sorry if it's a bit long today, but I missed you terribly!  x


  1. Hey, welcome back. Glad you had a productive break. The quilt looks lovely. Well done.


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