April 3, 2009

A thing for blue

Despite my recent love affair with red, I really do have a thing for blue, and I always have.   Here are some of my favourite purchases from March.  I don't know when I'll use them, but I love these fabrics from Leslie.  Check out the gorgeous double sided cotton/linen - the possibilities are endless.   I can't decide which one's my fave, I keep looking and gazing and looking...but it's been a month now, and I still can't pick.  Any ideas on what I could do with them?

I also decided to splurge on this art below from Jennifer at madebygirl (mind you, everything is a splurge at the current exchange rate!). It beautifully sums up the way many of us feel about this lovely world called blogs.  And you can never beat a good cup of tea - I feel particularly fond of it this year, because I had to give it up during my pregnancy due to terrible heartburn, and well, I come from a long line of tea lovers, so it is perfect.  I plan on putting it on the wall in our study/library/creative space/spare room (whatever you want to call it).  Cool huh? I love it.

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  1. The polka dot / plaid turquoise blue is gorgeous! I'd love to see it used to make a pretty little clutch or something of the sort.



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