April 27, 2009

Book of the Week: Sock and Glove

This is a really delightful little book by Miyako Kanamori called Sock and Glove.  It is so cute, and I couldn't help purchasing it when I saw it (being a sucker for softies as I am).  It's a book that shows how to create a range of gorgeous little soft friends from socks and gloves.  They are able to be hand or machine sewn and look very simple to make.  

I am yet to try one, because I cannot decide who I like best, although I must say that the zebra makes me smile every time I see him!  There are even instructions on how to make clothes for them too.  So sweet. 

Here are a few glimpses of what's inside:  

This book is available here and here.  I found mine at my local Borders store.


  1. That book is definitely one exquisite book! Wow. Will have to seek out my own copy.

  2. Oh yes how cute are those little softies? At last I can actually do something with the pile of lonely socks. I will definitely need to add that book to my ever expanding wishlist!


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