April 14, 2009

Weekend Sewing

Over the Easter Break I had the intention of finishing off Ellie's quilt, but I made a bit of a mistake on it, and then lost interest as you do when you are someone who likes getting through things quickly and then realise you now need to spend some serious time fixing it.   Instead I thought i'd have a go at designing and making a gift for someone special (she is yet to receive it).  Hmmm.  A name for it.  I think i'll call it my felt stationary wrap.

All went fairly well, just a few little things i'd change in the future (mainly placement of the pockets as they were a little too close to the bottom seam).  I made the centre pocket large enough to carry envelopes as well as an A5 notepad, so I hope she finds it useful!  I will find out soon.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter Weekend.  I'd love to hear what you made too!

1 comment:

  1. Nice work! I might use some of those ideas for my jewellery roll/purse... i have been playing around with a new design.


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