April 7, 2009

Someone buy me: Meet me at Mikes

If you haven't seen this book by Pip Lincolne floating around in the Aussie blogs over the last few weeks I don't know where you've been!  I would LOVE to receive or purchase this one.  I have a growing list of lovely crafty books I'm wishing for, so i'm hoping that maybe sometime soon I might be able to get one of them ... 

If you want it too, then you can buy it here


  1. Me too. And that book you have on the right of your blog. I already have a few books. Probably a few too many books. Nah, not too many. Okay, maybe too many. Imagine how many trips I could have had to New York if I didn't have a craft mag/book fetish ...hmmm. Let's not think about it.

  2. I've bought both since my last confession... sorry, comment.


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