April 9, 2009

Easter Reading

Ahhh. Don't you just love a long weekend? Especially Easter, because it's extra long.  I am really looking forward to celebrating Easter this year. I have four whole days to enjoy adult company and shared childcare (yay!).  Not that looking after our little munchkin is in any way resented, it's just nice to have a break in routine with my lovelies.  It also means that I might actually get some time to work on a few more projects and get some reading done. I still haven't read my latest issue of mixtape, which Mr Postman delivered in March! I'm also looking forward to cracking open this sublime stitching pattern which I received as my subscriber gift this time round. Nice one team mixtape. Thanks.

I think i'll take a little break from posting over the holiday weekend, so Happy Easter to you all. I really hope you enjoy a lovely weekend with people you love as we remember Jesus' amazing sacrifice and celebrate his gift of salvation.  G x

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