February 25, 2009

Pillow talk part 1

Today I completed Amy Butler's Hourglass Pillow using her free online pattern. It was fun to do, and I'd make it again I think. I chose a couple of blue fabrics - a Japanese indigo print cotton, and a plain blue cotton with a small dot detail. Here it is from the front and the rear:

Things I didn't enjoy about making this pillow (not much!):

1. Finding the 38mm Buttons to cover. Not readily available from the shops I visit! I had resigned myself to a smaller button, when I found one accidentally in my local Janome retailer yesterday.

[Getting the button tight and in the right place was a little fiddly, but I don't think I could say it was something I didn't like doing.]

Things I enjoyed about making this pillow:

1. Making the patchwork top

2. Covering the buttons (I'd never had a need to do this before and it was very satifying to have a perfect little circle of fabric at the end)

Things i'd do differently:

1. I don't think you need to have as wide a gap that is called for in the pattern when inserting the pillow infill. It meant that nearly the whole side needed to be hand sewn, and I think I would prefer a smaller gap, a tighter fit and less handsewing to make the edge look a little neater. You can always roll the cushion infill to get it in.

2. Next time I think I would prefer to use 2 strong coordinating patterns. I'm not convinced about my block colour with the Japanese Print yet. I had nothing else at the time, so this will do, and the overall effect in the loungeroom is the main thing. It's growing on me.

3. Perhaps cover the back in the printed fabric. The reason I say this is I love the indigo print the more I look at it!

Other notes:

1. When it says you need a doll needle (huge needle for making dolls, bears, upholstery) to thread the button, make sure you use one. I am SO glad that I didn't try and cut that corner as I was only just able to get it through with the one I had. Couldn't imagine doing it with a smaller needle.

Well, even if no one else likes it Ellie certainly gave it her seal of approval by giving it a bash and a chew!

If you haven't seen Amy Butler's Hourglass pillow pattern before, it's available online here.


  1. hey Gret, i think it turned out very nice :) good job. looking forward to seeing your living room in new colours :) YR

  2. well i reckon it looks awesome! i really like this pillow!


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