August 18, 2009

Tuesday pretties

Here are some pretty pictures for your Tuesday viewing (or Monday evening if you are reading this on time up North somewhere!). We celebrated Ellie's First Birthday on Sunday and as usual, I over-committed myself to doing things I really didn't have time to do, but all went very well in the end. My Birthday Bunting came out nicely and I was SO impressed by the effectiveness of Martha Stewart's Pom Poms. So great for a party and very very easy. I am so doing them again.

Colours of the day you can see for yourself: Pink, Orange, Yellow (plus a splash of green/blue here and there).

It was fun.

I thought these carnations looked like mini pom poms, so they made an appearance as well.

I hung the pom poms from the ceiling lights and made some small and some large sized.

Yeah, alot of pom pom pictures there I know, but I loved them so much I couldn't help myself (and neither could she! Her very first taste of chocolate fudge cake).


  1. Happy First Birthday little one! What a fantastic party your Mummy threw and YES those pom-poms are AMAZING!!!

  2. Congratulations on making it through the first year!

    My little one turns one in a few weeks and I am so inspired by your decorations - am very tempted! I remember making pompoms like this when I was a little girl (except I think we just called them tissue paper flowers!) - they're just perfect for a little girl's birthday party.

  3. Oh happy birthday to little Ellie! What a doll even with a mouth full of cake! You made everything look super Gret well done!

  4. Loved the photos Gret - well done... over-committment runs in the family - personally I am all for it (ha ha) my husband isn't!


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