August 14, 2009

My creative Space

I'm tired. And busy. So the poor old creative space has not been visited this week until today. I am madly cutting out triangles for a birthday banner for Ellie's family birthday party on Sunday. I still haven't quite decided on a cake, but I'm leaning towards oranges, and yellows. Here are the fabrics I've chosen (some new, some vintage, some re-purposed), soon to be sewn up following a tutorial by Grace Designs.

And here is my little artwork wall that is half finished. I intend on putting up many more little bits and pieces. You'll probably recognise the work of Jennifer Ramos in the middle, the left vintage tapestry I bought at Rozelle markets for $1 and I made the framed doily piece with some of my leftover bridesmaid silk. Don't know that I really like it yet, but It will do for balance until I have a few more things up there.

More creative spaces to browse here. Have a nice weekend everyone.


  1. Love your artwork wall and what great fabric in the bunting.

  2. Loving the fabric selection for the bunting (reminder to self - must make one of these one day ... so thanks for the tut!). Sure to look stunning on the special day! And I love the start of your wall. The frmaed lace looks fantastic Gret. I like the way it's set off centre - it really makes it.

  3. I hope the birthday girl has a great party , love the bunting fabric .

  4. Love the doily framed - I did one a couple of weeks ago too on cardboard! But I like yours off center with bridesmaid material behind better! nice work!

  5. PS: Tell me if you have any feedback on the bunting tutorial!


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