August 20, 2009


I have an etsy store!!!!!!! Hooray, I did it (finally, I know.)

And good grief it took a long time to list the items that are so far for sale! But I managed, and took the opportunity with Day 2 of Ellie's Childcare today. It was a great way to take my mind off her, but boy it took a long time to take all the photos, downsize them, and list every little thing!

So now, I'd like to invite you to visit my little store, it would be so lovely to have you stop by. You will find it right here, or you can click on any item in the sidebar link.

As you know, I love to repurpose vintage doilies and linens into new items using natural fibres, especially linen! So, if you love those too, then you might find something you like.

I REALLY must thank all of you who encouraged me along the way, and gave me invaluable advice and support (yes, that's you my lovely husband, Jo, Ros, Yana, Kate, Cat, Coll, Deanie, Karen and of course all of you lovely friends, family and bloggers who have given me so many lovely comments)

If by some chance you have no idea what etsy is, or you'd like to purchase something and don't know how, I take great delight in introducing you both! You can join etsy, which is an online marketplace for handmade, vintage and supplies right here. Feel free to say I referred you (my username is alittleredribbon) and enjoy your shopping!


  1. About to take the plunge myself! Congratulations!

  2. Congrats! the store looks great! i love that purse with the birdies.. my fav so far! :)

  3. Hurrah!!!! I will put a link in my store

  4. Hello Gretel,
    I am Chloe Patricia, a thimble maker whoes blog you so kindly visited and left a comment on it the other day. Congratulations on your new shop at Etsy. I know what you are talking about; when I was preparing for my Etsy shop, it was the same. I like the blue birds one but others are great, too. Chloe Patricia

  5. Congratulations on your Etsy shop opening. I had a peek and like what you have there. A lot of good things are certainly blessing you at the moment.


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