August 4, 2009

Something old, something new....

I made this purse yesterday. It's so tiny, but tiny can be good, right?. I recently bought a bunch of little square purse frames that are about 3 inches wide (didn't realise how little until I got them!) but they are really growing on me.

This one is made of fresh linen and vintage crochet, with the same vintage lining as my recent tote bag. Working with frames this small is really tricky, especially when sewing the purse, turning it out, and attaching the frame (I guess that's pretty much the whole thing). But it's all worth it when it works!

This is my first attempt at drafting my own pattern for a purse based on it's frame. There are lots of mistakes, but I'm learning about being careful and accurate and PATIENT. If you don't know me, this is not one of my virtues when making things... I prefer it to be quick and easy, yet perfect at the same time, and when I spend a long time on it, It had better work. When it doesnt work I get disheartened.

This little tiny thing is for a lovely friend who is getting married in a few weeks. I wanted her to have something for her, not just "for the house" as tends to be the wedding gift norm. The house might still get a gift, but this one is just for her. It fits 3 of four criteria....old, new, and blue. Don't know how I'd get borrowed into a bag...

That's about it for tiny purses today. Exciting mail came yesterday too....will post about that a little later in the week. Bye! x


  1. Nice work Gret! I got my 3 inch frames in the post yesterday, and they are indeed small! But, I love them anyway and can't wait to use them :)

  2. Oh Gret I love it! It's soooo cute and how incredibly thoughtful of you to gift this to a bride - it covers all the criteria AND can probably even be useful on the day! It really is great :)

  3. What a beautiful little purse, you have done such a great job. It would be really interesting to see a little 'step-by-step' post from you - if you do another one!

  4. I second the 'step-by-step' post request! such a pretty little purse.

    You could always 'lend' it to a bride... making it borrowed.. and then 'give' it to her the day after her wedding :) ..... maybe works??? hehe



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