August 21, 2009

The postie has been good to me

This week, Mr Postman has been good to me. A lovely bulk shipment of linen arrived at my door yesterday (feast your eyes on that Ros and Yana!!! You can touch tomorrow.) I have been searching for a good deal on linen for months now without success. But we thought we'd try and give this shop a go, where buying in bulk, together (as the cost of the shipping is enormous) was our best bet.
Aren't they pretty?
( vintage spool included just because it's nice to look at)
For us, it worked out to be about $13/m AUD for a variety of linens, which realistically is cheaper than we would find anywhere else in this country (am I right Aussies? Yes, feel sorry for us everyone else).

And he also delivered my two birthday books!! Yay! Even if I never make anything, they are wonderful to read and inspire and such beautiful eye candy. But I do hope that one day I will have some time to make some of the cute ideas in here.

Anyhow, off to make use of my quiet time before it's over....I can't believe she's into her second sleep cycle. It's been a while since she's done that during the day. Ciao! xo

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