February 8, 2009

We can't wait to meet you baby!

So, the party came and went in fine style. Lots of guests in a cramped space was a little hard for the air con, but we made it, and baby Farr's impending arrival was celebrated with joy. So, how did all that handmade stuff go? Well, I think it went OK. Here's a little of what we completed for the shower (and a big thank you to one of my favourite blogs inchmark journal for inspiration and most of the ideas as well as the lovely Yana for helping me):

I found these teeny little coke cans at Big W - perfect don't you think? Couldn't find any teeny waters with green or red lids, but Mum found some multicoloured ones which were still a hit on a hot day.

The teabag inspiration comes from Ez at Creature Comforts but we made them a little differently to her free printable version. Shame about the heat, as I don't think there was one person who even used a teabag - not even Grandma who thinks tea is cooling on a hot day! Oh well, if you come to my place, Yana's or Jo's anytime soon, you will be spoiled with a sweet handmade teabag cover including a little heart on the string :o)
I did also put some red hearts on the end of toothpicks for the fruit, but forgot in all the flurry to take a picture - sorry! You can see one in yesterday's post if you look closely.

As you can see Jo had a blast....who would have thought - only 4 weeks to go!!! How fast has that gone? Little Miss Ellie can't wait for her first cousin to arrive!

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  1. Jo you look gorgeous! Gret and Yana fantastic decorating! Wish i could've been there. Jessi had a great sleepover nonetheless!


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