February 24, 2009

Shape by Miller Goodman

Our dear friends Greg and Cat have recently been to the UK and Morocco on a long holiday. As they missed Christmas with us, we all received some lovely gifts when they arrived home!

Here is the gift Ellie received. It's a melamine plate from the Tate Gallery ( oh how I want to go back!) and is designed by Miller Goodman. The plate's artwork is from their childrens book Shape, which after seeing this, I investigated online and would now love to buy for Ellie. It seems to be a lovely interactive book introducing children to the world of shape! You can read and see more of the book here, and purchase from Australian online bookstore store here. I'm sure Amazon has it too.

And what did I get? A Harrods tote of course!! Yippee!!!

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  1. What a beautiful plate... I'm so glad you like it!


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